Blake's 7

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Mar 27, 1978 on BBC
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Liberator proceeds to Aristo, taking medication needed by Ensor, a brilliant but dying scientist. But what is Orac? And can they beat Servalan and Travis to it?

This is the last episode of Series 1.

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    Derek Farr

    Derek Farr

    Ensor & Orac

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    Paul Kidd

    Paul Kidd

    Phibian 1

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    James Muir

    James Muir

    Phibian 2

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Mistake: Blake reports that they have "connected" Orac up. But in future episodes, it is made clear that Orac doesn't have to be plugged into anything.

      • Mistake: When Jenna goes to wake Gan up as Avon is preparing to teleport down, Michael Keating can be seen standing in the corridor, waiting for his cue.

      • Continuity: Cally puts the teleport bracelet on her right wrist. When she is down on the planet, it is on her left.

      • Mistake: When Liberator goes into orbit around Aristo, a bad matte combination causes a star to move with the ship and cross in front of the planet.

      • Mistake: A lethal dose of radiation would have produced immediate and much more dramatic symptoms in Liberator's crew.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Avon: You and I are going down to the surface. {Points to gun} Put that on.
        Vila: Are you out of your mind? I'm finding it hard enough to stay on my feet.
        Avon: Then crawl, but put that on!

      • Avon: Is Vila on his way as well?
        Gan: No, he's doing his best to convince himself that he feels fine. Says we'll just remind him that he doesn't.
        Avon: Sometimes he shows distinct signs of intelligence.

      • Avon: If we don't get drug treatment very soon, we shall die.
        Vila: Die? I can't do that!
        Avon: I'm afraid you can. It's the one talent we all share, even you.

      • Travis: Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, man. Why don't you kill us?
        Blake: No, I've got a better idea. We'll get a message through to the Federation, tell them that you let us take Orac. I'm sure they'll be quite fascinated by your explanation.
        Servalan: You're in a lot of trouble, Travis.

      • (Avon shoots Travis in his gun hand)
        Blake: Good shot, Avon!
        Avon: I was aiming for his head.

      • Gan: Are you sure it's fully switched on?
        Orac: Of course I'm properly switched on. Having depressed the activator button, what else would you expect?
        Cally: It's his voice.
        Blake: It's exactly as though Ensor were speaking.
        Orac: Surely it is obvious even to the meanest intelligence that during my development I would naturally become endowed with aspects of my creator's personality?
        Avon: The more endearing aspects, by the sound of it.
        Orac: Possibly. However similarities between myself and Ensor are entirely superficial. My mental capacity is infinitely greater.
        Jenna: Modest, isn't he?
        Orac: Modesty would be dishonesty.
        Vila: What's wrong with being dishonest?
        Orac: Is that a question?
        Vila: Yes.
        Orac: The question is futile. Were I to say that I am incapable of dishonesty, how would you know if I was being dishonest or not?
        Blake: A question for a question. Well, you're capable of evasion, anyway.

      • Blake: Orac, what are your limits?
        Orac: They have not yet been defined. My knowledge is virtually infinite. My secondary ability is to logically process that knowledge and make accurate predictions.
        Cally: Are you saying you can see into the future?
        Orac: The words future, present, past are meaningless.
        Avon: Define 'meaningless'.
        Orac: I have the capacity to predict events that have not yet taken place.
        Avon: That is not what I asked.
        Orac: In the circumstances, the question is meaningless.

      • Orac: Instructions are not needed if commands are succinct.
        Vila: I'm getting tired of this. Go on, predict something.
        Orac: I will project an image on your scanner screen.
        Jenna: Go on then, show us.
        Gan: Hey that's us.
        Vila: It's Liberator.
        Blake: It's not much of a prediction, just travelling through space.
        Orac: It is not a prediction; it is an immutable certainty. Space vehicle will be destroyed.
        Jenna: What!
        Vila: You're not given to practical jokes are you, because that's not funny.
        Blake: When's this supposed to happen?
        Orac: The event is not far distant.
        Blake: How far distant?
        Gan: There must be some way of making him tell us when.
        Avon: Be more precise.
        Orac: The event is now even less distant.

    • NOTES (2)

      • When Travis and Servalan raid Ensor's laboratory, only Travis's feet and a blurry shot of his body through an aquarium are shown. This is because Stephen Greif had blown his Achilles tendon and was unable to shoot the scenes. A double was used, although director Vere Lorrimer later lamented that the double's feet didn't act like Greif's.

      • Orac is introduced in this episode, which finally rounds out the seven members of Blake's team.

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