Blake's 7

Season 1 Episode 9

Project Avalon

Aired Monday 7:15 PM Feb 27, 1978 on BBC
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Project Avalon
Travis captures Avalon, another fighter against the Federation. Blake launches a daring raid to rescue her, but Travis has plans of his own...

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    Julia Vidler

    Julia Vidler


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    David Bailie

    David Bailie


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    John Rolfe

    John Rolfe


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    Christopher Holmes

    Christopher Holmes

    Mutoid - uncredited

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Continuity: During the firefight in the Detention Centre, the holes in the wall for Jenna's blaster keep changing.

      • Crew Visible: When the doctor places Avalon in her cell and closing the metal door, a crew member is reflected in the shiny surface.

      • Equpiment Visible:As Jenna leaves Liberator's flight deck to teleport to the planet, a camera can be seen retracting out of shot on the right.

      • Revealing Mistake:Blake spends a long time placing a cup on the flight deck table, to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the Federation rifle - probably to make sure it was in the right place for the small explosion to knock it over!

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Blake: Does it support any intelligent life?
        Avon: Does the Liberator? There are humanoid creatures called subterrons. They live in caves. Quite what that says for their intelligence, I really wouldn't know.
        Blake: Why are the Federation there?
        Avon: Minerals. About thirty years ago it was discovered that deposits were seeping down into the ice and forming gem stones of outstanding purity and hardness. They are called Ice Crystals. The Federation uses them in heavy duty lasers. They are mined by the subterrons as a slave labour force.
        Blake: Ah, that is why Avalon is here.
        Avon: Perhaps, but the ice crystals are unique and as such quite valuable.
        Blake: No, Avalon has started resistance movements on a dozen Federation planets.
        Avon: Another idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation.

      • Travis: Oh, I'll need a human to assist in a test. Check with the detention block, see if they can give you someone.
        Mutoid: Any special characteristics?
        Travis: No, an ordinary unskilled labour grade will do. An expendable.
        Mutoid: If there isn't one in detention?
        Travis: Then detain one.

      • Blake: (into bracelet) Vila, get on a thermal suit and come down here fast.
        Vila: Me? Oh, now wait a minute, it's cold out there, and I'm very susceptible to low temperatures. I've got a weak chest.
        Avon: The rest of you is not very impressive.
        Blake: You're wasting time. Come down here and bring your bag of tricks.
        Vila: I don't know why it always has to be me. I'm tired of being indispensable.

      • Servalan: (about Blake) Stories of his exploits are still circulating. They excite people. The fact that he is still free gives them hope, and that is dangerous, Travis. Hope is very dangerous.
        Travis: The loss of it can be fatal, and the source of it all is about to be wiped out.

      • Vila: You'd need a lot of explosives, or a genius, to open that. Blake: Can you do it? Vila: Of course.

      • Guard: May I have your name and authority, sir?
        Vila: {Puts a gun to his chest.} His name is Blake. And this is his authority.

      • Servalan: (to Travis) Project Avalon has failed totally. There will be a full inquiry. Until that time, you are relieved of your command.
        Travis: If it takes all my life, I will destroy you, Blake. I will destroy you. I will destroy you.

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