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  • IS Bad but Good

    First Season is good but goes down hill from there but has the worse ending i have ever seen too a series but you got to respect the bad is just good...
  • Battlestar Gallactica,WITHOUT the Racism(Col. 'Ty' and 'Boomer' were originally black now,oh a lone 'black' female,and she's not even on the bridge. But, seriously find another person of color(hell any other ethnicity than caucasion)you'll see what i mean

    Blake's 7 ROCKED, excellent characters(even though most of them did not live too long), some of the best humor of any show, EVER. I even thought the acting was above par for virtually everyone, even the minor characters. Just needed a budget for props(lol). PLEEEEEESE bring it back. I liked the original 'Battelstar', but it could not compare to Blake's 7. Just DON'T change energy weapons to bullets(B.G)pleeese give me a can do interstellar travel, and program humans(the 'undercover' 'cylons') but too ingnorant to know bullets are inefficient(and should be useless when you can take a direct hit from a nuke?!?!?!?)........sorry, venting again, lol.
  • Highly Recommended!!

    Although I am a big fan of the time-travelling Doctor, that series was always intended to be a 'family' show. BLAKE'S 7 was its complete antithesis with a dark and cynical outlook that took many viewers by surprise.
    Now remembered for "cheap" special effects and "hammy" acting (two claims I refute utterly!), the series dared to go where few others would even dream of, evolving over it's four seasons to take risks never before seen in television science fiction. For a start, there were few heroes aboard the Liberator - Even freedom fighter Blake himself was a fanatic, prepared to go to extreme lengths to bring down the Federation. The rest of the crew were there for the sake of their own survival, seldom sharing Blake's ideals and motivated by greed or some other less noble instincts. Kerr Avon, as played by Paul Darrow, was an especially cold character - Exellently acted, Avon is truly one of the greatest characters seen in television drama ever.
    If you want gloss & flashy effects coupled with slick editing, look elsewhere - But for drama of a quality not seen since, BLAKE'S 7 is the only choice. The only crime this series ever perpetrated was to have a scope & ambition that exceeded its budget. Those with sufficient imagination can realise this and see beyind the visuals (no worse that contemporary DOCTOR WHO) at the multi-layered story-telling beneath.
  • Blake, finding himself with four condemned criminals, He organizes them into a team to fight the Federation. The only things which hold this group together in the beginning are Blake's leadership, the relative safety the ship offers, and the fact that non

    Blake, and a small group survives and manages to occasionally damage the mighty Federation with the help of the superior alien technology they acquire when they take over the derelict alien starship they come to call Liberator. Later they increase their advantage when they inherit superior human-engineered technology in the form of the electronic brain, Orac. The advantages these machines give the team are redoubled by the Federation Administration's desire to capture the Liberator and Orac undamaged.
    great f/x dont make a show great. it just helps dress it up. if you have to have great f/x to like a show then dont bother.
    but if you like a great story then this is a show for you.

  • A true classic. Blake fights an oppressive totalitarian regime, with disturbing elements and utter darkness in the very first episode. Such elements were only explored previously in The Prisoner, and only in the late 90/00s with softer darkness.

    I am one of the late B7 fans, born right in the middle of filming of series 3. But as they say, new converts are the most devout preachers!

    Blake's Seven are a bunch of rebels ostracised from the Fascist Federation, and when led by Blake, fighting against the oppressor. The stories are engaging, Terry Nation's and especially Chris Boucher's scriptwriting honour strong, capable females who can fight and kick bottom just as well as the male rebels can. This is very important, and was very rare at the time for UK shows. This appeals to me as a woman viewer, even in the episodes where the women are left to tend the teleport. In general, B7 characters are given good characterisation (albeit brief in Soolin and Cally's case), and the dialogue sparkles with Wildean wit, especially in the case of Boucher's script-edited (season 2) or written episodes. Doctor Who Gothic horror veteran Robert Holmes brings utter horror in various episodes (especially in "Killer" and "Orbit"), and also contributes the delightful "Gambit". I give it a full ten, even if some utterly disgusting, misogynist episodes written by Ben Steed (or "Ben Stud" as he's known amongst most female fans) plague the weak season 3 and the season 4. Season 4 picks up slowly from the fantastic "Rescue", but has its strongest episodes like "Sand" (by Tanith Lee, exploring the character of Servalan), "Assassin", "Gold", "Orbit", "Warlord" and the fantastic "Blake" at the very end. The most disappointing thing in season 4 is Paul Darrow's cringeworthy OTT acting, spurned on by his egotism as the female fans' favourite. From all the seasons, I'd rate the seasons 1 and especially high, 2 is the strongest in script and script-editing wise. Season 3 is the weakest, although it starts well with the strong "Aftermath" and "Powerplay". Tanith Lee's intoxicating, lush, mythological "Sarcophagus", the characterisation-strong "Rumours of Death", "Death-watch", "City at the edge of the World" and "Children of Auron" brighten up the otherwise disappointing series three. With its wobbly sets and all, Blake's 7 is a gem for the discerning SF fan, and should not be judged by its low budget, but rather on the basis of its strong characterisation and witty dialogue. It's the characters and their interactions that matter in B7, above all else. The first two seasons are brilliant in developing Blake and Avon's love-hate relationship, culminating in the tragedy of the final episode, "Blake". It is true Shakespearean drama, and sadly underrated with shallow comparisons to higher-budget US shows. However, those can only hope to match the depth of character and intensity that makes Blake's 7 still the most enduring, the most popular British SF show second to Doctor Who, and continues to attract new converts like myself. Long live Blake's 7!
  • Fight the system

    What happens when a group of people on route to prison end up with a mighty war Machine? It might be regarded as a trivial question, but Terry Nation masde it into one excellent trip lasting for 4 seasons.

    It might start with a noble freedom fighter, but when we watch how a war changes a man, then the pool of emotions will change. How cold must a man be, to survive insensitivity with humanity? How does one measure loyalty? Blake 7 does more then just skirmish these questions. Like Dr. Who, this is not a high tech series, however the stories and the storyline makes more then up for it. As it is usually with anything the BBC writes, this is top notch draama in a sci-fi sugarcoating.

    How do you fight a system when you stand alone? Can you even win?

    Blake 7 answers that in an excellent way.
  • Roj Blake and a small alliance try to bring down an opressive government.

    This is classic British Sci-Fi at its best. True, the special effects are rather dated.... but let's be honest, who watches British Sci-Fi for the special effects! From the attack on Star One, to the Big Wheel, to the final battle this show is one to watch for the characters and the stories. The villians are well acted and written, and the main characters evolve as people. Some even leave the story, and come back later on. The final episode has one of the most dramitic and unexpected endings I've ever seen! If you liked other British classics like UFO or the original Dr. Who.... you should give Blake's 7 a look.
  • At the time it was a not to be missed show

    When this show first aired I never missed an episode I can even remember the discussions that where had the next day!

    The constant fight that Blake and the crew had with the government was a constant thread even after Blake left. The destruction of the liberator at the end of series 3 was a strange twist and I think marked the end of the show it never seamed to have the same power in series 4 as it did in the 3 previous ones.

    The set was never a well designed one but none from that era ever were, but this show was the BBC's take on star trek of the time and in my mind will always hold a special place and even now I prefer it to star trek of the same era!
  • One of the BEST sci-fi series' EVER!!!

    This British series was on for 4 years. It used to be aired in the US on some PBS stations (like Dr. Who.) This was a totally different series than the much more well-known Dr. Who. Darker and much more serious in tone, it still had the cheap sets and bargain-basement special effects that graced the main-stay Dr. Who series, but with much better storylines, characters, & character development. Some of the action/fighting scenes were laughable, but the thrust of the stories was what put this series miles beyond Dr. Who. The series was set in the far future, where the Federation (unlike Star Trek's Federation) was a fascist dictatorship that controlled hundreds of planets. To help keep control, the Federation used drugs in the air and water supplies of the populace whenever possible to keep people docile & easy to manage. The people of Earth lived in domes and were not permitted outside (ala Logan's Run.) Roj Blake was an alpha-grade engineer on Earth who became leader of the dissident Freedom Party until he was captured, tortured, and brainwashed by the Federation to denounce his dissident movement. He was framed as a pedophile and sentenced to life on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha. Enroute to Cygnus Alpha aboard the prison ship, he hatches a plot with some other prisoners to commandeer the ship, most of which become his future fellow revolutionairies/mercenaries (Blake's 7) in their struggle against the Federation. The mutiny fails, but Roj Blake, Kerr Avon (the convicted computer genius), and Jenna Stannis (the gorgeous convicted smuggler/pilot) manage to board a strange abandoned alien spacecraft left adrift from a nearby alien galactic war which they learn to use with help of the on-board almost human-like computer named Zen. With their new powerful and faster spacecraft (dubbed "The Liberator" ) they rescue/enlist some of their former crewmen from the prison ship planet and begin to embark on a crusade to disrupt, sabotage, & destabilize the ruthless Federation in an attempt to free humanity from bondage. Life aboard The Liberator is not all peaches & cream either, the crew often disagree with one another and argue. One of the best things about the series was the often-sarcastic dialogue among the crew of the Liberator, particularly between Avon and Vila Restal (the often-cowardly/sometimes brave brilliant thief/lock-picker/safe-cracker/hedonist.) Here is one of my favorite examples:

    Vila: Ohhh... (in agony)
    Avon: What's the matter with you?
    Vila: My head... I've got a splitting headache... I need something for my head...
    Avon: (thoughtful for a moment, then dryly:) Have you considered amputation?
  • Yes,This was one of my Guilty Pleasure in sci-fi I started watching this show in 1979 and 1980 and then it went off the air.Many years later I thought about this series,and wanted to see more because I only seen part of the show before it was cancelled by

    The network in 1980.But I got just enough of the show to really like it and to see more of the characters on this show. And because it was created by Terry Nation "Dr Who".
    The FX where not the best,but the stories were great and some action as well.If you loved Star Trek this is the show to watch. It's the reverse of star trek in every way.And in a smart way too.The character are the best thing about this show,and ploting,pacing,and suspence. This is what you need for a show like this and I will get on DVD
  • Ahead of its time, but in ways has dated to render the good points a struggle for some. Still, at the time (1978-1981) it was lauded by MANY on both sides of "the pond" as being far better than Star Trek.

    While series 1 and 2 are the definitive B7, because Blake happens to be in them, the series did seem to go nowhere and some cast members wanted to jump ship.

    We then got series 3: While series 3 has some good episodes, it's clear the writers and production team didn't think to keep the Federation more in the foreground. The show essentially stagnated, with no direction or obvious purpose, and felt like "Star Trek" on dope or "Doctor Who" on Stratera, if that isn't too ghastly to contemplate... we did get some episodes iwth the Federation, but it seemed more "business as usual" rather than "well, we had a war and we ought to rebuild at this point"...

    Series 4 turns this around with gusto and comparative style (it's still low budget). Avon becomes a harder character and eventually paranoid, and gets some of the best one-liners ever. The theme revolves around our crew rebuilding from nothing, while fighting an increasing threat from the Federation - which is what series 3 should have had!! And a series whose finale (a loose two-parter) will leave you breathless. A must-see.

    If only the incidental music was improved, which rendered many terrific scenes silly. Music does have an effect...

    This series was also an inspiration or at least source for Joss Whedon's short-lived adventure "Firefly" and its theatrical follow-up "Serenity".

    And "Blake's 7" was the first series to show a spaceship crashing on a planet... and a bit more realistic than a certain Star Trek movie made in 1994...

    Episodes worth watching:

    * The Way Back - Cygnus Alpha (a 3 part story arc)
    * Seek-Locate-Destroy
    * Duel
    * Project Avalon
    * Breakdown
    * Bounty

    * Shadow
    * Horizon
    * Pressure Point (the ending is too light and ruins a great scene, but it is worthy)
    * Voice from the Past
    * Star One

    * Aftermath
    * Powerplay
    * City at the Egde of the World (for Vila)
    * Rumours of Death
    * Death-Watch
    * Terminal

    * Rescue
    * Stardrive
    * Headhunter
    * Assassin
    * Games
    * Sand
    * Gold
    * Orbit
    * Warlord
    * Blake

    Of course, the series finale (a loose two-parter) is one that nobody would ever forget. I won't spoil it here, though I've drooled at the possibility of doing so.

    As the aforementiooned list shows, I am partial to series 4. It's also a season Joss Whedon must have liked as "Firefly" has quite a few similarities in concept, and in occasional dialogue. "Serenity", his movie based on "Firefly" is even more obvious - and as such even more enjoyable. :D
  • Dreadful appalling rubbish!

    Oh God it was so bad! Bad bad bad!!! Bad effects. Bad stories. Really bad acting. Left over sets from Doctor Who. Left over monsters from Dr Who. Left over scripts from Dr Who.

    Alien: Expungify!!! Expungifyyyy!!!!
    Avon: What?
    Alien: Expungificatifyyyyy!!!!
    Avon: Oh for God's sake.
    Alien: Er...expungi...
    Avon: You're a dalek, aren't you?
    Alien: What? No I mean expunge!Expunge.
    Avon: You're a dalek with a hat on and a toilet brush instead of a plunger.
    Alien: Oh I am not!
    Avon: Now just go away so that I can shout at Vila.
    Alien: oh well alright then. (dalek buggers off)

    And then there was the whole Vila/Avon thing. Evidently gay, their love/hate relationship was an allegory for blah-de-blah.

    Avon was ridiculously strident. He never actually shouted per se, but he wasn't the kind of person you would want to be sitting at the next table in a restaurant if you were having a quiet night out with your soul mate.

    Waiter: Can I take your order now sir?:
    Avon: Yes, I'll have the pate de foie gras followed my the mussels in...(bbbrrrgghhhh-cell phone rings)
    Avon: (even louder and more strident, and on cell phone) Helllooo!! Yessss!!! I'm in a posh restaurant!!! Yes it's full of noisy selfish people shouting!!! Speak up I can barely hear you!!!etc etc...

    Anyway it turns out that only reason ever to watch B7 (as I imagine the geeks must call it)was to see if Servalan would get her kit off. She was absolutely divine,and she happened to coincide with the height of my pubation, so it didn't take a whole lot to trigger a reaction, and Servalan was much more than a whole lot...

    OO-ER MISSUS! Ser-va-lan!

    and Blake looked like Jeremy Clarkson.
  • good good

    blakes 7 had some truly great stories most memorable being orac.
    it had the most tragic ending of any show where the enire crew of the liberater was gunned down the only things i found i didnt like about the show was that it was so cheep and if you look at some stories now it looks as if it has been dragged out episodes to long.
    i just hope they make a bigger budget remake