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Blake's 7

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Jan 21, 1980 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Liberator's crew search for a new home base on the volcanic planet Obsidian. Meanwhile, Servalan devises an elaborate scheme to take control of Liberator.

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  • Well, it's not cliched but it still sucks

    How they got Michael Gough to play such a paperweight role is amazing.

    The amount of technobabble to explain the genetic engineering used to make a society docile almost sounded believable, but then to make one person grow up 'normal', without the alterations... the whole story feels like it was grafted, with none of the narrative flowing.

    Worse, there's an android with two flashing blue balls. Don't ask where they're placed, but I think the intent there was to prevent a single chance of anyone to NOT laugh over the course of this contrived episode.moreless
Michael Gough

Michael Gough


Guest Star

Ben Howard

Ben Howard


Guest Star

Alan Bowerman

Alan Bowerman

Battle Fleet Commander

Guest Star

Barry Summerford

Barry Summerford

Federation Commando - uncredited

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Continuity: Avon's gun disappears after he is shot.

    • Revealing Mistake: When Dayna and Tarrant are walking down the side of the volcano after being spotted, the cord of Tarrant's weapon is dangling loose.

    • Mistake: Avon's medical pad is placed over his clothes.

    • Plot Hole:During the take-over of Liberator, Cally telepathically tells Avon that are three Federation troopers on board. But there are clearly four, two of whom Avon kills on the flight deck, and another two (inlcuding Commander Morrie) who teleport away with Orac and Cally.

    • Continuity:As the two Federation officers teleport off Liberator with Orac and Cally, the bracelet Vila put on Cally falls off onto the floor, but she teleports with the others anyway.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Vila: For your information, Madam President, we are all here, ready and waiting. I think I can see you on the screen. Yes, I know exactly where you are. You're at grid reference 1370. Better start running.

    • Cally: Keep in touch. Heroic rescues can be embarrassing if you're not actually in danger.

    • Avon: Dayna says the people are friendly. But, then, sometimes one's friends can be more of a liability than one's enemies.

    • Vila: Are you going to let me in on the secret? Avon: You wouldn't understand it if we did. Vila: My classification might be Grade Four Ignorant, but I'm not stupid. I bought that classification from a friend at the testing centre. I didn't want to be a space captain, now did I? And I was right. They all ended up getting killed, didn't they?

    • Vila: There isn't a volcano alive that would dare to swallow Avon.
      Cally: Be quiet, Vila.
      Vila: He's cold enough to put out the fire, anyway.

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