Blankety Blanks (US)

ABC (ended 1975)


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Blankety Blanks (US)

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Yes, contrary to what you may have heard, there was a game show called Blankety Blanks that aired in the United States. Yes, it was a fill-in-the-blank to a "ha-ha" riddle or statement type game. Unfortunately, we're not speaking of episodes from the British version of Match Game 73 here. We're talking about a Match Game clone produced by Bob Stewart that, thanks to awful execution and equally unfunny puns, became one of the shortest-lived game shows in daytime television history. Two teams – each comprised of a contestant (one a returning champion) and celebrity partner – competed. Host Cullen revealed a subject and six numbers, each concealing clues to the subject's identity. Cullen took a card from a rotating wheel and placed it in a reader on his podium; the card randomly selected a dollar amount ($10-100) and one of the four contestants. The selected player then chose a clue and attempted to identify the subject. If correct, that player then tried to solve – *gasp* – a supposedly funny riddle (a "Blankety Blank") for double their earnings. An example of the truly genius comedy writing by the show's staff: "The tornado at the pretzel factory was a real (blank)." Any moron knows the correct pun is "twister." If the team correctly supplied the pun, the opposing team earned a "strike." Three strikes meant the player's defeat, the opponent became champion and faced a new challenger. Even a 3-year-old would have found the show's jokes to be insanely stupid. That, plus a conceptually bad format, leaves little wonder why many people believe the producers said, "Aw, just blank it" to Blankety Blanks after 10 weeks (the show was replaced by reruns of The Brady Bunch, the very show Blankety Blanks replaced). At least Cullen – a true legend in game showdom – was good as always and gave the show the old college try. The theme song was also used on another Bob Stewart game that was also on ABC – Double Talk.moreless