Blansky's Beauties

ABC (ended 1977)


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Blansky's Beauties

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Blansky's Beauties was a very short-lived ABC situation comedy that arose at the height of the "spin-off" craze of the 1970s. Starring Nancy Walker as Nancy Blansky, the show took place in Las Vegas, where Nancy staged showgirl production numbers in a major tourist hotel. Nancy also acted as a mother figure to the girls, notably, Bambi, Sunshine, and Arkansas. Other major characters included her nephews, choreographer Joey DeLuca and the 12 year old self-styled "ladies man," Anthony DeLuca.

Technically, this show was related to Happy Days (Nancy Blansky was introduced as a cousin to Howard Cunningham at the end of a Happy Days anniversary episode). One story from the series featured a flashback with Laverne DeFazio of Laverne & Shirley and another highlighted Pinky Tuscadero. Complicating matters even further were the facts that Blansky's Beauties was placed in the "present" (mid 1970s) rather than the late 1950s to mid 1960s of its two tie-in series and that many actors who had or would star on Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley played characters in this series - including Lynda Goodfriend, Scott Baio, Pat Morita (as "Arnold"), and Eddie Mekka.


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