Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Daily 1:30 PM Sep 30, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • The Helmet that goes flying across the room during the silhouetted thrown room fight (from above) belongs to Sir Blaze.

    • Right after King Allfire cannot pull the sword from the stone in his thrown room, the knights start fighting over the sword and stone. It then shows King Allfire sitting in his thrown as the screen pans up you see silhouettes of the knights fighting, but if you look closely you see that one of the silhouettes is actually Flicker complete with spur and flag on top of his helmet, but Flicker was not even in the room.

    • Flicker's room in this episode is shown to be in the highest room of one of the tower, even though the previous episode showed his room on ground level as Queen Griddle walked up to Sir Loungpotato.

    • When Flicker is holding his sword polisher right after the automatic Moat Digger scene, his hand was not drawn so he is missing his left hand holding the also missing part of the Polisher!

  • Quotes

    • Flicker: (sitting on top of catapolt being ready to launch) These Things are so outdated! Have you given any thought to...starving the enemy out of the castle?

    • (Surfs watching a sword fight between Count Geoffrey and Princess Flame)
      Surf #1: Well he's certainly playing it to the hilt.
      Surf #2: Think he'll get her point?
      Surf #3: It depends on how you slice it.
      Surf #1: Perhaps if he takes a stab at it.
      Surf #2: Oops! That was a close shave.
      Count Geoffrey: Knock it off with the bad puns.

    • Flicker: So that explains it! I didn't lose the sword Flame, Count Geoffrey stole it.
      Flame: How do you know that nail clippers is his?
      Flicker: It has D.C.G.O.P.E.P.W. monogrammed on it.
      Flame: Dread Count Geoffrey Dubueon Oppressor Par excellence of the Poor and Weak!

    • - end of episode -
      [the Minstrel is almost hit by the stone; he pokes his head out from behind a nearby tree]
      Sir Loungelot: "A little practice never hurt... just in case." [pushes the rock into camera view to end the episode]

  • Notes

    • The Knock offs of "The Lady of the Lake" goes as follows:

      - Princess of the Pond
      - Female of the Fjords
      - Wench of the Whirlpool
      - Babe of the Bay
      - and the Dame of the Dam

    • This is the second time when one character distracts another character with the quote, "Look! A rainbow!"

      First said by Count Geoffrey to his evil spy, this time said by Princess Flame to her father, King Allfire.

    • we first notice that Princess Flame's hair is Purple and that Flicker is basically Bald.

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