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TELETOON (ended 1994)

How to Obtain Blazing Dragons Episodes on DVD

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    You need to contact me for all the details

    If everything goes to plan and works out right. I should have all the studio cut episodes (intact with all episodes and all thedeleted animation that "Toon Disney" cut out) which I will burn to DVD's and will be avaliable to anyone who would like them.

    I'm not out to rip anyone off and I'm not out for profit. I will only charge for the shipping and DVD's themselves. People in the US are looking anywhere from $5-10 (depending on location) and outside the country $10-20.

    Again I'm not out for personal gain here, I just want anyone who liked the show and got some nostalgia from it, to be able to revisit that once again.

    Please Contact me at any of the following: (either messenger or email)

    peeweewi - AIM

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    could you just poest the series on a torrent site or limewire?
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