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TELETOON (ended 1994)

The U.S.A. version of the show has deleted animation

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    It's true. Any American that has watched the show on "toon disney" was deprived of some animation. It mostly cut any and all of Blaze's Lines that would appear to make him seem gay it cut a couple jokes leaning on the edge of cursing (A S.O.B. joke come to mind - "Knighthood has carved it's strength in Bravery Valor and Courage over a period of centuries and nothing is going to change that now or my name isn't King Allfire S.O.B.!(knights gasp) "Son of a Britian".) and other small nonsense things that most certainly did not need to be cut.

    I'll be putting up a special version of the cut scenes, to let you know what you missed out on

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