Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 2

Gift for Griddle

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Sep 16, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Princess Flame is first in Evil knight number 3's armour, we clearly see her tail, but after Flicker presses the button on his hair styling machine to distract Geoffrey, Princess Flame's tail magically disappears for the remainder of the scene.

    • As Count Geoffrey and his knights catapolt to esacpe at the end of the episode and land on Sir Loungealot on the draw bridge, Evil Knight #2 seems to be missing even after he ran over to the catapolt and jumped in right before it was released.

    • When Princess Flame, dressed in Evil Knight #3's armour, is holding Flicker by the neck after she straightens his body out to his original form after being a cube, you hear Flicker's voice say, "Speaking of which" as he starts running towards Count Geoffrey, yet his mouth never moves to speak.

    • When Flicker first trys out his Automatic Hairstyling Machine on the dummy of Queen Griddle, after he presses the button, you can notice that his forearm becomes huge as if though he is supposed to be wearing a knights glove, but it is drawn as his arm.

    • This is the second straight episode where Sir Loungealot's first appearance in an episode is of him sleeping

  • Quotes

    • Flame: You'll never get away with this, Count Geoffrey!
      Count Geoffrey: That's what ill-fated damsels in distress always say, but you what, my dear? I already have!
      Flame: And that's what sneaky, spineless villains with funny chin whiskers always say!
      Count Geoffrey: "Funny chin whiskers"? You must have me confused with Merlin.

    • Sir Loungealot: (On crutches) Happy Birthday your Highness.

      Queen Griddle: How thoughtful!

      (Very happily humming as she opens her gift)

      (said in a very disappointed/angry/monotonic voice as she opens her gift to find a mini Stone Henge)


    • Sir Loungealot: (After being launched outside the castle) Does anyone have the keys to the backdoor?
      King Allfire: We don't have a backdoor.

      A little later in the show

      Flicker: It's no use Flame. It's been jammed!
      Flame: We have to do something quick before Count Geoffrey...
      Flicker: (Cutting her off) The backdoor!
      Flame: We don't have a backdoor.

    • Count Geoffrey: (Holding Flicker in the shape of a cube) A cubed dragon? A squared squire? Let me fill you in on what has transpired since you were, cornered!

    • King Allfire: Calm Down? I almost missed your step-mother's birthday! That's how the rack was invented you know!

  • Notes

    • When Count Geoffrey gets caught in Flicker's Automatic Hairstyling Machine, some of Geoffrey's hair styles are from famous movies or people including:

      - Princess Leia from "Star Wars"
      - Elvis Presley's swirl hair dew
      - and Captain Hook's hair dew from "Hook"

    • Salsburny Plain is where they are sent to check the calandar which is depicted as Stonehenge, when in real life it is Salsbury Plain where Stonehenge is located

  • Allusions

    • Geoffery:Count Geoffery passes 'Go' and collects 1 Castle. (Chortles)

      This is from the Board game Monopoly.