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Blazing Dragons

Season 2 Episode 10

Griddle's Sleepless Knights/ Whine and Roses

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Jan 05, 1998 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

Griddle's Sleepless Knights/ Whine and Roses
When Griddle has trouble sleeping, Allfire sends Loungealot and Flicker on a quest to Slumberland to find a remedy. No sooner do they arrive in the sleepy little town when Loungealot is slapped with several ‘disturbing the peace' citations (by Mildred the Fairy Godmother), after he wakes Rip Van Winkle, causes a disturbance at Morpheus' Mattress store and destroys Mr. Sandman's Castle! The quest appears to be a miserable failure until Flicker realizes that, the one thing that got Loungealot into so much trouble may be the one thing that could remedy Queen Griddle's insomnia! When Griddle suggests they need another statutory holiday, Loungealot suggests a day in which to shower the Queen with undivided attention. The Queen loves the idea and opens a ‘Contest of Love' to all of Europe. Unfortunately, the only one that applies is Count Geoffrey! Forced to comply with their own rules, Griddle must allow Geoffrey to woo her. Suddenly, there is a strange turn of events. Everyone is falling in love and acting crazy. Flicker soon discovers that Geoffrey is in cahoots with Cupid, who's been fire love arrows at everyone, with his ultimate Love Launcher aimed Griddle, all part of a grand evil plan that Geoffrey has to take over Camelhot.moreless

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    Scott Wentworth

    Scott Wentworth

    Sir Loungelot ( Season 1)

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Count Geoffrey (Season 1 Only) /Evil Night 1

    Aron Tager

    Aron Tager

    King Allfire

    Cedric Smith

    Cedric Smith

    Count Geoffrey (season 2)

    Suzanne Coy

    Suzanne Coy

    Merle the Wizard

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Princess Flame

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Whine and Roses has the second slow motion sequence in the series, first being in Knights and Knightresses during Sir Loungealot's daydream where he and Sir Dolores run towards eachother.

      • The animation right after Sir Blaze was struck with the love arrow was cut because they felt it was, once again as in Hermits and Heros, to overt for the target audience.

      • Whine and Roses is the start of Sir Burnevere's famous catch phrase, "Hoot n' Magregor!"

      • In both episodes we see Flicker's wardrobe change which makes this 3 straight episodes. (Whine and roses: Right after Flicker returns from mailing the letters)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Count Geoffrey: All I have to do now is woo Queen thunder-thighs. Then, Camelhot will be mine!

      • Flicker: We'd like permission to mosey through Slumberland ma'am.
        Mildred: Not dressed like that you're not. This is Slumberland, you'll need the proper cloths.
        Sir Loungealot: My less than fair damsel. What better attire than that of a knight?

        (Changes Flicker's cloths into a night gown and Sir Loungealot's into a pink one piece with a button flap.

        I can't wear this! I am a knight!

        Mildred: You're also big butted! That's all I got left in your size toots.

      • Count Geoffrey: (Singing to Queen Griddle) Griddle, Griddle skin so fair. A steelwool mob of red dyed hair!
        Queen Griddle: It's not dyed! It's natural!

      • Mildred: *sitting on Sshhhh sign* And remeber...NO TALKING IN THE SHUSH ZONE!!!

      • Sandman recording: This is the Sandman. I can't come to the door. I'm sleeping...
        Loungelot: Sleeping? *Pounds on door* How dare you sleep you fairy tale freak!!! *Mildred appears* Speaking of fairy tale freaks...
        Mildred: Speaking of speaking, how many times do I have to tell you to SHUT UP?!!!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The pairings of Cupid's love arrows goes as such:

        - Evil Knight #3 ---> A rat
        - Sir Burnevere ---> Cinder and Clinker
        - King Allfire ---> A moose head
        - Sir Blaze ---> The male statue he was carving
        - Sir Loungealot ---> Count Geoffrey

    • ALLUSIONS (1)