Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 6

Knights and Kightresses

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Oct 14, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • All the people that emerge from the "Chunnel" into Camelhot are, "Count Geoffrey, all his knights, every barbarian, and his brother."

    • The sign at Sir Burnevere's Kinghthood studies after he retires says:

      Sir Burnevere's Knighthood Studies 101
      Slow learning--Squires Welcome!

    • When they cut to the scene where the knights are eating around the Square Table, we see that Flicker is standing right next to the table, but when King Allfire unravels his list of event for the day, it rolls out a door way and Flicker is suddenly standing by it, and when shown back at the table, Flicker is standing right next to the table again.

  • Quotes

    • Sir Burnevere: Sire, we've merged our contemplations, and have unequivocly continued to gather in diverse vocations of supplementary pursuits.
      Other Knights: We're taking early retirement!

    • Flicker: Flame. I really have to tell you. I'm really quite uncomfortable.
      Flame: A pinch in your sinch that won't give an inch? I told you to pick a larger dress size.
      Flicker: Actually it's the dress in general that I'm having a problem with.
      Flame: It's not easy being a woman.
      Flicker: Especially if you're not.

    • Sir Loungealot: (To Flicker in a dress as Sir Dolores) Dolores? How...Delicious. I'm Sir Loungealot the queen's favorite. But there's enough of me to go around!
      Flame: A few times I'd say.

    • Flame: (To damsels in destress) For Shame! Stop that eeking! What kind of Feebled fems are you that even the smallest of forest creatures mock you!?
      Flicker: (As Sir Dolores)'t you know...your, um, ruining perfectly good dresses by allowing the hems to...drag in the mud like that?

    • Count Geoffrey: It's called THE CHUNNEL!

    • Flicker: (As Sir Dolores) Don't worry I'm certain something big and dramatic is about to happen.
      Count Geoffrey: Woman's intuition?
      Flicker: (As Sir Dolores) That, and that fact that every episode requires an action packed ending.

    • Flicker: The knights of the Square Table are back together again! Do you know what this means?!
      Flame: That the more you try to change things, the more they stay the same?
      Flicker: No! It means that I can get out of this ridiculous dress!

    • Flame: And, I'll admit, being a knight wasn't easy.
      King Allfire: Well Puff, knighthood has carved it's strength in bravery, valor, and courage over a...
      Flame: Oh not that! It was getting in and out of all that chain mail every time I needed the ladies room that was a royal pain in the armor.
      (laughter ensues)
      Flicker: You think that's bad? Try wearing a dress for an entire episode!
      (everyone gasps)
      Flicker: Hehe.

    • Loungealot: Flicker, have you seen the Wandering Minstrel?
      Flicker: No. I thought he was just a background character who served as mere bridges between the scenes

    • Flame: AH! Russian Dancing Bears!
      Flicker: Don't Look! It's too...barbaric!

  • Notes

    • Error:

      When Flicker (dressed as Sir Dolores) pushes Sir Loungealot to the cliff and then yells for the "Green Knight" to make Loungealot turn and therefore tumble down the hill...

      When it shows Loungealot actually tumbling, it's Flame who is standing alone on top of the cliff when it should have been Flicker (Dolores)

    • Turnspit is mentioned, but not shown in this episode.

    • Character mentioned, but not shown; Sir Gasflame, appears in the Blazing Dragons videogame

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