Blazing Dragons

Season 2 Episode 7

Macbreath/ Attila's Hot Buns

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Nov 24, 1997 on TELETOON
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Macbreath/ Attila's Hot Buns
When word comes to Camelhot that Sir William Furnace Breath has kicked the bucket, Sir Burnevere learns that he is next in line to be the King of Scotland. All of Camelhot heads to Castle Furnace for the Royal Coronation. Once there, they find a mysterious fellow named MacBreath, who secretly plots Burnevere's murder in hopes of taking the kingdom and crown for himself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Displeased with the services of a local drycleaner, Loungealot sends an angry note declaring war. Unfortunately the note gets mixed up with Camelhot's Royal Party Invitations, and Loungealot's note is sent to International Barbarian Attila the Hungarian Hot Bun King, who quickly rampages his way across Europe, gathering armies, ready to assault Camelhot with his hot buns and dumplings.moreless

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Scott Wentworth

Scott Wentworth

Sir Loungelot ( Season 1)

Jonathan Koensgen

Jonathan Koensgen

Count Geoffrey (Season 1 Only) /Evil Night 1

Aron Tager

Aron Tager

King Allfire

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Count Geoffrey (season 2)

Suzanne Coy

Suzanne Coy

Merle the Wizard

Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern

Princess Flame

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    • Flicker: I wish we could help Sir Burnevere.
      Flame: It's a shame there isn't another member of the Furnace Clan to take his place.
      William Funrace's Ghost: There is!
      Flicker and Flame: Uh...who?

      (Flicker sees the ghost and starts screaming in fear as he jumps in Flame's arms.)

      Flicker: ahhhhh! G-G-G-Ghost!!

    • Flicker: (From a great distance away) Sir Burnevere! Get out of that boat!
      Sir Burnevere: WHAT MOAT!? THIS IS A LAKE!

    • William Furnace's Ghost: Ah Duncan! It's good to know there's a new Furnace, in the old castle.
      Sir Burnevere: Aye. I'm glad I wasn't the first Heir furnace.

    • Flicker: I've never wittnessed the playing of the bagpipes before. This should be great fun!
      Sir Burnevere: About as much fun as having the plague. (Sticks cotton in his ears as ear plugs)
      MacBreath: To the future king! Here you go.
      Sir Burnevere: WIGGLE MY TOE! WHY?!
      MacBreath: Heh, heh. No. I said HERE YOU GO!
      Sir Burnevere: I DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT SONG!

    • Sir Burnevere: Only someone named Morris would make such a stupid dance.

    • Sir Loungealot: Those cheating cheeky cheats! Remind me never to play poker with mom and dad again.
      Flicker: Poker!? Please say you didn't use the Royal Party Fund!
      Sir Loungealot: (spits out milk) Pft! Those were the Royal Party Fund!? (sighs) Well, there's only one thing to do.
      Flicker: I'll go tell the executioner to sharpen the blade. Perhaps if I humbly sacrifice my life, there maybe some hope of saving yours.
      Sir Loungealot: No you silly Easter Lilly!

    • Sir Loungealot: Oh there's nothing more pompous than an overgrown ego who thinks he can do everything better than others. Humbug! Who needs him?

    • Sir Blaze: Would you look at that. Dumplings and buns with no appetizers! Ticky-tacky, ticky-tacky!
      Sir Burnevere: There's no way we can fight an army that big! Look at the size of those buns!

    • Sir Loungelot: He charges half-price because he's a half-wit!

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