Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 5

Newt for a Day

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Oct 07, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • Lots of small animation mishaps in this episode. #1 - Monsieur Un-Duex-Trois's head is miscolored in one scene. #2 - King Allfire is missing his right nostril while saying "You can't mean we're going out in public like this?!". #3 - Sir Loungelot is missing his moustache and two of his teeth after saying "You see... flare." #4 - Sir Loungelot is missing his moustache yet again while the Hag-of-Gis is saying "And you, Mister Handsome..."

    • Nitpick: At the end of the episode, you'll notice that the flag on Flicker's helmet is waving, as opposed to normally being still. Perhaps the animators got bored and added that in.

    • General "wtf?" error: Cinder - "Columbus didn't need this much cloth to sail the Atlantic."
      This is set in medieval time, Columbus wasn't even born yet!

  • Quotes

    • Pierre Un Duex Trois: Wahlah! A little number of ja art. For you Madam Moselle. (Puts a very funny almost jester looking dress on Flame)
      Flame: (very sarcastically) I feel like juggling something.
      Queen Griddle: Yes! Isn't it exciting!

    • Flicker: There she is. But what's she yelling about?
      Sir Loungealot: There it is! The hideous beast!
      Flicker: Where!? Who!? What?! Where!? (Sees the spider)...a Spider?
      Sir Loungealot: Ugh, yes...a creepy crawly multi-legged feind from the darkest corners of the underworld!
      Flicker: ...Spiders are actually quite handy to have around you know. They keep insect insect populations in check and...
      Sir Loungealot: You've obviously never had one crawl up your pant leg.
      Flicker: (Motioning to his leg) What...pant leg?


      (A little later)

      Flicker: (Gasps) Look at all those heads! And fangs! and, ugh, drool.
      Sir Loungealot: Yes but you wont catch one of those crawling up your pant leg!

    • Clinker: Oh boy! I just love synchronized swimming!
      Cinder: Looks more like synchronized sinking to me.

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