Blazing Dragons

Season 2 Episode 13

Quest to Success / Slay the Dragon

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Feb 16, 1998 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • And With the extravegant run of bear characters throughout the true fashion, they put a random bear in the last episode.

    • The artists for "Slay the dragon" Decided to make Flicker extra short for most the episode

    • In King Allfire's flash back of his day in "Slay the Dragon", when he is entertaining the children with his sword you see Flicker on top of a water spout, but when it actually happened it was actually Sir Burnevere that was on top of the water spout.

  • Quotes

    • Flicker: Slay the Dragon for 50 Gold coins. It was a flyer to advertize Slay's knife throwing performance.

      The dragon's name was Stu. Not Slay. Those silly writers.

    • Sir Burnevere: Damsel! Fair Damsel! Show yourself and I do mean hurry!
      Grezelda: (An extremely ugly dragon appears) I'm Grezelda.
      (All the knights gasp in horror)
      Sir Loungealot: You certainly are.

    • Sir Burnevere: A quest to learn how to quest! Hoot N' Magregor! That's deeper than a Scottsman fishing for his wallet.

    • Flicker: Woo-hoo! Barbarian and Bailey Circus! Cruel Clowns! Terrorizing Tigers! And Thick Toenailed trapeze artists!

    • Flicker: I still say putting the lightest dragons on top would have been better.
      Sir Loungealot: Oh stop whining Flicker. You don't hear me complaing about Sir Burnevere's Wings wedging up my...
      Sir Burnevere: Look!

    • Sir Blaze: This is dreadful! I can't be seen wearing this! I will be the laughing stock of Camelhot!
      Sir Loungealot and Sir Burnevere: Will be?
      Sir Blaze: I heard that!

    • Teacher: You're all going to repeat Knight class with no refreshments!

      Sir Loungealot: Does this mean no more bickies?

  • Notes

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