Blazing Dragons

TELETOON (ended 1994)


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  • FINALLY!!! I've seen the series.

    I heard about this show through TVtome and thought I would like it(but I can say that then because I havent "seen" it). Then years later I found episodes on youtube and it's offical, it's now one of my fav's. It has simple plots and it's a neat twist on the knights vs. dragons that are in fairy tales alot.

    One of the weird things is...I actually support Flicker and Flame as a couple. Normally I don't ship the obvious(Ex: For Krypto, I support Ace/Isis). It's probably because no one forced them to be lovers.

    I hope it gets rebroad cast someday (and on a channal I get).
  • Good, Clean, Wholesome fun!

    Straight from the whacked out mind of that crazy Monty Python Alumni, Terry Jones, comes a gem of a cartoon show that only a few know about and appreciate. A medieval series with clever puns and zany references would make any person of any age get a warm fuzzy feeling in their gut and a couple of laughs. A twist on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table comes a dragon filled age of kind dragons living in their legendary castle, "Camelhot", and evil humans bent on causing trouble for the dragons. With every imaginable pun from "Excaliburn" to the knights "Sir Galahot", "Sir Burnevier", and "Sir Loungealot", the show puts together some classic British humor, such as the cross-dressing Flicker episode in "Knights and Knightresses" to the hacked out wackiness with the Mystic Temple of the Mystic Monks of the Even more Mystic, Mystic Misty Moors from "The Stone of Wisdom", creating a series that will make you smile. Even though it was short lived, it was a creative masterpiece that illustrates even more talent out of the already giftedly talented Terry Jones and creates an entertaining escape for anyone of any age to really enjoy the brilliant comedy and exuberant artwork.
  • A fun show and yet...extinct.

    This show was hilarious, but the trouble is that since it ran late at night, it appealed to a smaller audience. I don't know about any of you, but I say...bring it back so that some of us can go about reminiscing the good old days of this show, of coming by after a long day of school and plopping down to watch this brilliant show.