Blazing Dragons - Season 1

TELETOON (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Bleepin' Beauty
    Episode 13
    When flicker inadvertently wakes up a sleeping pricess who refuses to tire or shut up, it's his job to put her back to sleep. Little does he know that this liability Is about to become an asset when Count Geoffrey steals the revered Cauldron of Glydno Elddyn, which King Allfire and his Knights have sworn to protect.moreless
  • Sir Hare
    Episode 12
    The Knights soon find themselves handcuffed by their own laws when Count Geoffrey uses every dirty trick up his sleeve to take advantage of the wording in their Dragon Code. The final catastrophe comes when King Allfire blindly accepts a challenge by Count Geoffrey that could easily cost him his kingdom – thanks to the "latest entry" in his Code of Chivalry.moreless
  • Hermits and Heroes
    Episode 11
    Fed up with all the taunting and teasing from his fellow knights, Sir Blaze leaves Camelhot and takes up permanent residence in The Hermit Caves. Feeling badly for him, Flicker and Princess Flame stage Flame's kidnapping in order to encourage Sir Blaze to come to the rescue. The only problem is, Count Geoffrey is planning a real kidnapping.moreless
  • The Stone of Wizdom
    Episode 10
    King Alfire sends his nights on a quest to find an object. Better than the "Cactus" he got last time. They enter a "shopping mall like place" and get frightened by all the technowledgy. One by one they all are being taken down. Till only two remain. Knights on Quest: Flicker Loungelot Hotbreath Burnevere Galahot One is taken by a revolving door. Another one leaves us by an escaltor. Last one leaved by not making an elevator on time. BUT WILL THEY RETRIEVE THE STONE OF WIZDOM???????moreless
  • Robbing Hoodlum
    Episode 9
    Camelhot has a new villain. Robbing Hood. He is stealing from the rich and the poor. Keeping all for him and his merry men. Flicker believes he is still good until he basically blows Flicker off. Later a trap to catch Robbing Hood is set up by having an archery contest. Sir Loungelot vs Robbing Hood. If Robbing Hood wins he gets Flame's hand in marriage. Well, you can see who wins and who Robbing Hood really is.moreless
  • Renaissance Dragon
    Episode 8
    When a flamboyant Italian inventor attempts to bring Camelhot out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance, no one is prepared for his outrageous changes....least of all King Allfire, who is about to go on a trip to the moon with the Italian's latest invention: gun powder.
  • Merle's Mirror
    Episode 7
    Using Merle's wizardry, Count Geoffrey schemes to assassinate King Allfire by using a magic mirror. When Flicker accuses Queen Griddle of being the assassin he is thrown into the dungeon, leaving King Allfire unprotected against Merle's magic…and murder attempts.
  • 10/14/96
    When no one joins Pricess Flame's League of Kingtresses, she gets Flicker to dress up as a girl, alias Sir Dolres. The league is so successful that the Knights of the Square Table have little to do and decide to take early retirement. Unfortunately, their departure coincides with the arrival of Geoffrey and a mod of Barbarians who wiege Camelhot and kidnap Sir Dolores.moreless
  • Newt for a Day
    Episode 5
    When Sir Loungealot refuses to save a damsel in distress, he is zapped under a spell by the Hag-of-Gis; a wicked sorcerer. The hag turns Loungealot into a Newt on the eve of the big ball – the night that Queen Griddle needs him as an escort.
  • Excaliburn
    Episode 4
    When Geoffrey steals Excaliburn, Flicker replaces it with an imitation. However, when King Allfire can no longer pull the sword from the stone, the Knights believe the King has lost his right to rule. While Allfire shuffles off to find the Lady in the Lake, PrincessFlame and Flicker have to steal Excaliburn back and save Camelhot from Geoffrey's subsequent evil plan.moreless
  • Tournament Day
    Episode 3
    When Queen Griddle offers Princess Flame's hand in marriage to the winner of a Jousting Tournament, Flame asks Flicker to compete incognito. When he refuses, (claiming the Dragon Code forbids squires to impersonate knights), Flame takes matter into her own hands.
  • Gift for Griddle
    Episode 2
    When a ten-ton cake arrives in honour of Queen Griddle's birthday, its ingredients include Geoffrey and his Evil Knights, who declare siege on Camelhot. Once Geoffrey has catapulted everyone over the wall in a frosty mess, he opens Griddle's gift which has a surprise of its own.
  • 9/9/96
    While King Allfire and his Kinghts are off on a quest to find The Holy Quail, Count Geoffrey plots to kidnap Queen Griddle. However, when the ransom demands backfire, Geoffrey orders Merle the Wizard to get rid of the Queen instead.