Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 12

Sir Hare

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Nov 25, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • In this episode we really see the emphasis on Flicker wanting his knighthood. Also we see Flame really pushing her father to at least recognize Flicker.

    • This episode was suppose to start setting up Flicker so he could earn his knighthood. Unfortunately the writters never made it that far and were replaced for the most part of the second season.

    • At the end of the episode where Flicker is talking to Flame, the "F" on Flicker's armor is heavily accented and brought out for no apparent reason.

  • Quotes

    • Cinder: Ooh! And the big bunny lands another one! Things are looking pretty bad. Clinker, you were talking to the champ before the match; What was his strategy for today's fight?
      Clinker: Trying not to get killed.
      Cinder: And what a brilliant strategy that was. Too bad it's not working!

    • Princess Flame: You really should see some of Flicker's inventions, daddy. I think he would make a wonderful knight!
      King Allfire: Yes, I'll have to keep an eye on the boy, if I could only see past these colors. Blaze has painted the throne room. He has no concept of bright!

    • Serf: Hey, what does the code say about us enslaved serfs?
      Sir Burnevere: To be brutally honest: not much.
      Sir Hotbreath: You could always drop a note into King Allfire's code of chivalry suggestion box.
      Serf: Great. Maybe I'll run over on my coffee break between despicable duties!

    • Evil Knight #1: (dressed as a damsel) Help! Help! Save me!
      Sir Hotbreath: Huzzah, a damsel in distress!
      Sir Galahot: She looks more like a hag in a dress, sir, then a damsel in distress, sir!

    • Flicker: Halt! According to King Allfire's Code of Chivalry section 37 paragraph 3: A dragon Knight must always stop to pick up litter.
      Sir Loungealot: (grabs the book from Flicker) Let me see that! (reads) Blast! (The knights breath fire on Sir Loungealot and the book) I didn't mean blast the book! (pauses) Well I did mean that but...nevermind!

    • King Allfire: (Talking to his knights at the Square Table) I know it's not easy to follow the rules, but it is up to us to set the example.
      (Sir Blaze come barging in the room)
      Sir Blaze: Sample? Did some one want to see samples!? I have tapestries and...
      (The knights just stare at him)
      I'll.....come back...(giggles and backs away)

    • King Allfire: (reading Geoffrey's note) Ah. He's challenging us to a duel, his champion versus mine. Winner take all.
      Sir Hotbreath: Awl? Isn't an Awl a shoemaker's tool?
      Sir Burnevere: Aye an elongated instrument for making hoes.
      Sir Galahot: What would he want with that, sir?

    • Clinker: "I say, peanuts! Popcorn!"
      Cinder: "Bits of meat by-products in a biodegradable casing!"

    • Count Geoffrey: "I want to know how my big knight's coming!"
      Merle: "You got a hot date and you want me to tell you how it's gonna go?"

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Give that bunny a trunk and he could take Hannibal over the alps."

      This is refering to Hannibal Barca's historic march during the Second Punic War where Hannibal rode a pack of battle elephants over the Alps to threaten the city of Rome in Italy in 218 B.C.

    • "As the caldron turns"

      This is mocking the day-time Emmy award winning soap opera, "As the World Turns"

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