Blazing Dragons

Season 2 Episode 8

The Isle of Dwight / Ice Try

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Dec 08, 1997 on TELETOON
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The Isle of Dwight / Ice Try
When Merle the Wizard snoops through the town records and discovers that Sir Herman, (Blaze's father and Griddle's first husband), was not a nobleman, she gives the Dragons 48 hours to produce Sir Herman's shield, or else Camelhot reverts to the nearest nobleman; the Evil Count Geoffrey! With Griddle's instructions, the knights fly to the Isle of Dwight, there to discover a kooky tribe of hippie druids as well as the truth behind Sir Herman's fateful meeting with a giant named Dwight. When a heatwave hits Camelhot, an irritable Queen Griddle sends Loungealot off to quest for ice. With Flicker and Jester-dogsled in tow, the group head off to the North Pole, where Loungealot makes quick enemies with Jack Frost; who not only becomes an obstacle to their quest, but inadvertently causes the Dragons to break the North Pole, shifting the entire Earth off its axis. With the world in jeopardy of being dunked in the meltdown, Flicker has to think fast to save the day.moreless

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    Scott Wentworth

    Scott Wentworth

    Sir Loungelot ( Season 1)

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Count Geoffrey (Season 1 Only) /Evil Night 1

    Aron Tager

    Aron Tager

    King Allfire

    Cedric Smith

    Cedric Smith

    Count Geoffrey (season 2)

    Suzanne Coy

    Suzanne Coy

    Merle the Wizard

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Princess Flame

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Here we see another inconsistancy for the dragon's flying. We learn that they actually hate to fly.

      • Sir Blaze becomes the only character in the show who we know both parents: Queen Griddle and Sir Herman the Near-sighted

      • We see, yet again, another bear in the episode continuing the trend that the animators really enjoy putting random bears into the episodes.

      • In the episode, "Ice Tray" there is a small animation error while Sir Loungealot and Flicker are escaping from the angry eskimos. When Sir Loungealot grabs Flicker's tail, the background and the characters don't line up, giving the allusion that Sir Loungealot is hovering above the ground, then they suddenly catch the mistake and line them up again, giving a very choppy animated look to it.

      • Although Cinder and Clinker are constantly seen throughout the episode, "Ice Tray" they don't have any speaking parts.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Queen Griddle: No one was more brave than Sir Herman, the near sighted!
        Sir Loungealot: So, the Queen's first husband was near-sighted. That explains a great deal.

      • Head Druid: Very kind of you scaly brothers to lend us your feast bag. Like, how can we, like, ever repay you?
        Sir Loungealot: You could speak English for starters...oddball.

      • Flicker: I assume Sir Blaze is responsible for your new look?
        Head Druid: Correctamondo. The colorful cat dyed my threads, so I laid the location of the permanent hang out of el Grande on him.
        Sir Burnevere: He said, Sir Blaze colored his cloths, in exchange for Dwight's home address, so Blaze could fight the giant, one-on-one.
        Head Druid: Duh! Like, that's what I said!

      • Jack Frost: Enjoy your stay.
        Sir Loungealot: Fat chance!
        Jack Frost: You should know!

      • Jack Frost: Pay up Sir Tightwad!
        Sir Loungealot: Am I supposed to feel threatened by a little man in green pants?
        Flicker: Uh, how about a dozen eskimos weilding spears?
        Sir Loungealot: Honestly, Flicker! What does that have to do with anything!?

      • (An avalanche is errupting towards them)
        Sir Loungealot: Flicker!
        Flicker: Avalanche!
        Sir Loungealot: Nevermind that! There's a snowdrift plowing towards us!

      • Flicker: Nice escape my lord!
        Sir Loungealot: Nevermind that! There is urgent business to attend to.

        (Sir Loungealot walks towards a port-a-pot)

        Flicker: But I thought you went before we left the castle.
        Sir Loungealot: No you silly willy! I meant gathering ice for the queen's slushy!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The scene in Isle of Dwight where Sir Loungealot pulls a goblet out of his sack and you hear Dwight pounding around in the distance, it shows the liquid in the cup to have waves, this pays tribute to the very famous scene from Jurassic Park with the water and the T-Rex