Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 10

The Stone of Wizdom

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Nov 11, 1996 on TELETOON
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The Stone of Wizdom
King Alfire sends his nights on a quest to find an object. Better than the "Cactus" he got last time. They enter a "shopping mall like place" and get frightened by all the technowledgy. One by one they all are being taken down. Till only two remain. Knights on Quest: Flicker Loungelot Hotbreath Burnevere Galahot One is taken by a revolving door. Another one leaves us by an escaltor. Last one leaved by not making an elevator on time. BUT WILL THEY RETRIEVE THE STONE OF WIZDOM???????moreless

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    Scott Wentworth

    Scott Wentworth

    Sir Loungelot ( Season 1)

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Count Geoffrey (Season 1 Only) /Evil Night 1

    Aron Tager

    Aron Tager

    King Allfire

    Cedric Smith

    Cedric Smith

    Count Geoffrey (season 2)

    Suzanne Coy

    Suzanne Coy

    Merle the Wizard

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Princess Flame

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • If you really want to see some whacked out drawings of some of the characters on the show, look carefully at the expressions on Flicker's, Loungealot's, and Burnevere's faces on the escalator as they are trying to escape from the stone of wisdom.

      • After Flicker changes into a different costume to trick the guards who guarding the elevator, his costume keeps changing back between his regular armor and his new costume for the rest of the episode.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Flicker: But Sir Loungealot, King Allfire believes us to be on a lofty quest.
        Sir Loungealot: (Looking at the cards his is dealt) Right now even two pair is a pretty lofty quest.

      • Flicker: As legend has it: He who holds the stone holds the key to incredible wisdom. Hense the name, "Stone of Wisdom."
        Mystic oracle: As opposed to say...the stone particular intrest, whatsoever?
        Sir Burnevere: Yes, well, the king is already a proud owner of one of those.

      • Flicker: Where's the enterance?
        Sir Burnevere: They were mystic monks. Perhaps they had no need for doors and such.
        Sir Galahot: Then how, sir, did they take their rubbish out?
        Sir Hot Breath: Maybe they had...mystic rubbish.

      • Flicker: Here's an inscription!
        (Flicker starts to read sign)
        Ye Travellers who wonder...
        (Sir Loungealot pushes him out of the way)
        Sir Loungealot: Ye travellers who wonder, how we have moved these mountains of stone, need only enter, and our secret shall be known...NO LOITERING. What's the meaning of that!
        Sir Burnevere: It means not to terry about with out good cause.
        Sir Loungealot: (Irritated) I know what "loitering" means, and if we could find the enterance to this place we wouldn't BE loitering would we!

      • Flicker: Hurray! We did it! We're all back together and together we can do anything!
        Sir Loungealot: Such as?
        (Boulder shakes the ground and smashes through the wall)

      • Flicker: The answer must be the Stone of Wisdom!
        Sir Loungelot: Yes, Flickers, but if it's in there, and we're out here, and we need it to get entry... I see a bit of a catch

      • "I thought it was just the music" ~ Flicker

      • Sir Loungealot "IN THE NAME OF CAMELHOT"

        Sir Loungealot "O, you meant pull them all at once!"

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