Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 3

Tournament Day

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Sep 23, 1996 on TELETOON

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  • A spectacular offering, paced expertly and filled with perfect examples of how the characters interact with one another.

    This episode is one of the best examples of how a show can introduce complex plot and character elements while simultaneously maintaining its appeal to kids. Flicker and Flame share an amiable, mildly flirtatious relationship, with Flicker unable to sort out just how he feels about Flame. Queen Griddle foists an ultimatum on Flame by making her the prize in a jousting contest -- many other shows would stop here and introduce wacky hijinks at the jousting match, but it's only then that Count Geoffrey becomes involved and attempts to throw a wrench in the gears that have already been set in motion.

    And this isn't even the half of it! Flicker's also invented a "Magic Net" that he powers with a potato that looks like Sir Loungealot -- who sees the potato, falls in love with it, and takes it away to play a critical role in the plot's conclusion; Flicker is thrown in prison after the net pushes him and Flame together, while Griddle barges in on them unnanounced and Flame has to rescue him however she can; all this is packed in the span of twenty-two minutes, yet remains evenly-paced and consistently keeps critical elements moving, almost like a juggling act. Highly recommended!