Blazing Dragons

Season 1 Episode 3

Tournament Day

Aired Daily 1:30 PM Sep 23, 1996 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • This is the first of very few apperances of Chef Turnspit

    • The weapons that Meril the Wizard put into the Mysterious Brown Knight goes as follows:

      - Smoke Bomb, Stink Bomb, Moth Bomb, Boiling Oil Bomb, Flame Thrower, and Juicer

    • If Meril the Wizard actually was, "The offical sponsor of the 1096 Olympic Games" then she would have been the sponsor for the 468th Olympic Games.

    • When Flicker is in the dungeon talking to Flame through the window with bars, it had vertical and horizontal bars on it, but when Flicker escapes using the Magic Net, it only has vertical bars.

    • When Princess Flame escapes out her window and the sheets she is climbing down on start to give way, she starts flying, even though her wings tend to not move.

    • When Queen Griddle notices "Sir Loungepotato" sitting in Flicker's windowsill, she starts screaming as it shows a picture of only Sir Loungepotato even though it was originally supposed to also show Flicker and Flame stuck together in Flickers Magic Net.

    • King Allfire is holding Flame's hands saying, "Children grow up so quickly..." Right after that, Flame is seen as the mysterious black night over near the trees. How on earth did she get down there and change so quickly?

  • Quotes

    • Evil Knight #2: (After losing Their Brown Knight Disguise.) Gee, Evil Mum always told Us to wear clean underwear when something like this happens.

    • Flicker: I've learned that, well, when it comes right down to it...
      Flame: Yes?
      Flicker: You can make my stomach hurt a whole lot more than a third helping of Chef Turnspit's Chili.
      Flame: (laughing) I'll take that as a compliment.

    • Sir Loungealot: (being stuck by electrodes from Flicker) OWW!

      Flicker: Sorry Sir Loungealot...I thought you were a potato.

    • Clinker: Gadzooks! It's the equally mysterious Pink Knight!
      Cinder: Correction, he prefers to be known as the equally mysterious White Knight, owing his pinkish tinge to the fact that he accidentally left a red sock in with the wash.

    • Flicker: Section 325 of the Code of Chivalry states: A trusty Squire shall never liken his employer to an animal, mineral, or vegatable of any type, tubbers being a particular.

  • Notes

    • Error, Misplaced character:

      After Flicker enters the tournement as the mysterious "white" knight and confronts Flame and figures out she is the black knight, they introduce the "Brown Knight" and Flicker is pushed down to the ground by Flame who charges to fight the "Brown Knight"...

      The frame right after this shows the two knights charging down the jousting field...but if you look closely, you see that it is Flicker charging toward the "Brown Knight" when it is supposed to be Flame, as Flicker is still tangled in his suit of armour back on the ground.

    • Hand Mistake Number 2: You need a quick eye for this one.

      This one is a little less obvious...but when Queen Griddle yells, "I got it, I got it! Should have keep his left up. My mistake it's his right." and She catches the Glove...

      On the way down the glove is drawn of that for the left hand, and just as she catches it and says "my mistake, it's his right"'s magically drawn for a right hand.

    • Hand mistake:

      If you look carefully, when Flicker is sitting down eating chili at Chef Turnspit's chili stand, you can see chef Turnspit's right hand has 5 fingers, and if you look at his other hand, it only has 4.

      *All characters in the show are drawn with 4 fingers on each hand.*


    • First appearance of the singing convicts.

  • Allusions

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