Season 13 Episode 1

A New Enemy! The Materialization of Zanpakuto

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 28, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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A New Enemy! The Materialization of Zanpakuto
In Soul Society strange things are happening with the Shinigami's Zanpakutou; Byakuya is cut by Senbonzakura during training, Hitsugaya can't communicate with Hyourinmaru and Haineko refuses to show herself at all to Matsumoto. However, it soon emerges that this is just the tip of the iceberg when Komamura is attacked by his own Zanpakutou during a hastily assembled emergency meeting. A mysterious man called Muramasa then explains that he has 'freed' the Zanpakutou giving them physical form and that he plans to bring an end to the 'Shinigami's rule'.moreless
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  • Finally! These look like promising fillers and very interesting ones! Can this be end of shinigami? The zanpakutous are no longer in their command!

    Finally, this filler looks really really great and promising.I mean, the bount arc. was kind of interesting but not that cool. The Amagai arc. was a total failure. It was so not interesting. But these fillers i think are going to be very interesting. We will see zanpakutous real physical forms and obviously zanpakutous and their master fights to bring them back in their command. It was a real shock when i saw that they turned against Shinigami. I think it is disrespect and why the hell do you need to free them? It is their destiny to be the powerful Zanpakutous. Maybe that M guy ( forgot his name) made some kind of spell to go against Shinigami. Oh, we will see. I'm hoping full of surprises :)moreless
  • A new enemy named Muramasa claims that the Shinigami era has come to an end. He has the power to release the Shinigami's Zamnpakutou into their materialization form. We see several captains and vice captains Zanpakutous such as Hitsuguya, and Byakuya.moreless

    I have to say, out of all the filler episodes this episode caught my attention because its been a while since we seen Zangetsu and heard anything about Materialization of Zanpakutous. How will the Shinigami's fight? Sure they have Kidou but without the power of their swords its a uphill battle. I would recommend this episode to any and all people who think that the filler eps have gotten uninterested in previous filler episodes. Out of a possible 10 I would give this episode a 10 because some new drama has been stirred up. I also noticed that captain Ukitake Kyouraku Zanpaktous did not materialize. I wonder why????moreless
  • Shinigami within Soul Society find that they are losing their ability to summon and control their zanpakutous. A new villain by the name of Muramasa has appeared claiming that the age of Shinigami is over and that the age of the Zanpakutou has begun.moreless

    This episode has the makings of the first great side arc within the anime series. Lets face it, the Bounts were horrible and Captain Amagai was "okay" but not great. The villain in this arc looks promising to say the least.

    I've always liked how Bleach has followed the Lost example of having "less" be the new "more" by telling the viewer many things but then leaving so much out. This episode shows many of the physical manifestations of the various Zanpakutous within the series. We've only ever seen Zangetsu and Zabimaru before so this arc is beginning to break new ground.

    It's particularly entertaining to try and identify each Zanpakutou from its physical manifestation. It's also good fun to examine the appearances of the Zanpakutou themselves because you might see something new about its wielder by doing so.moreless

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