Season 1 Episode 2

A Shinigami's Work

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Ichigo is woken up by his father who thinks he is injured. After giving his father a beating for waking him up in such an abnormal way, he then asks his father why he's supposed to be injured. He looks outside and all of Ichigo's family says that a big truck has crashed into their home. But Ichigo is the only person who remembers what really happened.

In school, two girls named Tatsuki and Orihime are walking along the hallway talking about their lunch when Orihime bumps into Ichigo. Tatsuki wants Ichigo to apologize to Orihime so he does. But because of his face, she quickly gets up and runs away. Then, Tatsuki ask Ichigo why he comes to school during lunch hour. He replies that he has some stuff to do and walks off.

His friends discuss the news about Ichigo's house having an accident. Just then, a familiar voice was heard. As he turns around, he is surprised to see Kuchiki Rukia. His friends wonder why he's scared of the new exchange student, and Rukia pretends that she just met him. She intends to shake hands with Ichigo when he sees a threatening note on her palm.

Outside, Ichigo asks why she's here and didn't return to Soul Society. It seems that Ichigo absorbed all of her powers so she is forced to use a temporary body named a Gigai. So now since this is the case, she wants him to do her job while she recovers. This is very quickly rejected. Ichigo wanted to protect his family but doesn't want to help strangers and walks away.

Rukia uses a special glove and hits Ichigo making his Shinigami form come out. He panics while Rukia tells him to follow him. She brings him to the park where a hollow is chasing a soul. He intends to save him but Rukia stops him as he said he doesn't want to help strangers. After a speech form Rukia, Ichigo manages to save the soul and defeat the Hollow.

That night, Orihime is being watched by a wandering soul, when suddenly, she is captured by several Hollows. The next day, Orihime runs into Rukia and Ichigo. Later, Rukia asks Ichigo about Orihime. Ichigo tells her that she's a friend of a girl in his neighbourhood and that her older brother dies in an accident three years ago.

That night Tatsuki goes to Orihime's house to give her her mom's beef stew for dinner. In Ichigo's house, Yuzu asks Ichigo whether he has seen her pyjamas but he doesn't know. Just then, he hears a phone ringing. Then, he sees Rukia opening his closet, and is shocked to see her in Yuzu's pyjamas. Rukia then uses the same gloves to send out his Shinigami form while a hollow attacks him. Luckily he manages to injure the Hollow but only cracks half of his face.

Rukia intends to chase it but Ichigo doesn't move. He then wants some explanation, as the Hollow he saw is Orihime's dead brother. She explains that cutting the Hollow's mask is to reduce the pain and refrain from finding out the Hollow's identity as Hollows are actually from human souls. Ichigo is shocked to hear this. Now Rukia tells him that Orihime's brother has becomes a monster and has to be taken down.