Season 3 Episode 20

Aizen, Stand! Horrible Ambitions

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • DAMN everything is falling into place and making so much sense.

    Although like in the previous episode, Aizen is suffering from badguy cliche syndrome--where he tells the main cast all of his steps to achieve his plan--the story so far is just amazing and awesome. Everything was built towards that moment; Rukia's execution, the plan to rescue Rukia, the massacre of the forty six judges of soul society, everything! Hell I didn't even know how much Urahara played a part in this story so far but it sure as hell is looking like a chess match between him and Aizen. What made it even greater was how Aizen was showing off how powerful he is, not only stopping Ichigo's bankai with a single finger, he stopped Ichigo's usual hip hop battle theme from playing! Badass!
  • Perfect in all aspects

    This episode was totally awesome. I like the deal that everyone finds out Aizen's behinde it all. And how powerful he has gotten. It's kinda weird, but I'll get the explanation later in the series, I guess. It's amazing how he could stop Renji's blade with one hand, as well as Ichigo's Bankai with one mere finger. And he starts explaining everything, and it clears up, but Komamura interrupts at the episode's end, and we don't ghet the whole explanation until next episode. Nevertheless, it was great, and things really starts to clear up now. And such revealing episodes like this are always in my favorites. Two thumbs up. Three if I had.