Season 3 Episode 13

An Accomplished Oath! Get Back Rukia!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • C-C-C-C-Combo breaker! Sorry, unlike the others, I didn't think this was a perfect ten.

    Rukia's execution finally arrives, but there are quite a handful of people that are planning on stopping it. Ichigo isn't the only one; Renji, and even captains Ukitake and Kyouraku, have helped terminate the execution. A pretty good episode, though unlike a lot of other people, it was nowhere near the best episode in the anime. Although Rukia's monologue before her supposed execution was pretty depressing, the entire episode was littered with Rukia's monologues. And Ichigo's appearance before the soukyoku and stopping it with his bare soul slayer was so cliche. I would have preferred it if captain Ukitake saved Rukia instead.
  • Of the top three in the series. After all of the back breaking effort and the life-threatening risks Ichigo and the others went through to save her, Rukia Kuchiki's life is returned to her by Ichigo, who rose to his potential with lightening speed.

    This is my favorite episode in the series so far.

    Rukia's execution seems imminent. The Captains of the Twelve Court Guards stand dutifully and bear witness to the scene, a few noticeably missing. Kuchiki makes her peace with herself and all those she has met, thanking them for all they have given her and for showing her what it means to live again after the prim and proper life of a royal family. At last, she does not say thank you to Ichigo. She only tells him goodbye, knowing full well that her peace would be shattered if she brought to mind all that she would be thankful for to him, for he showed her what it means to live as a human being without the shackles of rules always guiding her. The Soukyoko unleashes its shinkai, a giant phoenix symbolic of death and rebirth; the death that Rukia and all those executed face and the rebirth that they will have as their soul returns to the Soul Society, memory and personality most likely gone.

    Rukia closes her eyes as the Soukyoku beats its wings, preparing for its dive through her. As she braces herself and expects the worst, Ichigo's battle theme song begins to play and Rukia hears the gasps of the crowd. She opens her eyes to see Ichigo, cuts on his face, his arms wrapped, wearing a tan cloak and holding Zangetsu behind him, seemingly blocking the Phoenix effortlessly.

    Rukia's first reaction as she sees his grinning face is shock and then intense fear for his safety. She tells him to flee before it's too late, knowing that if he remains, the captains or the Soukyoku will kill him. She does not think about him being unable to escape from all those captains, which shows that her cry was one of desperation and pure emotion, revealing how much she truly cares for him.

    Ichigo smiles as she pleads to his better judgment. He ignores her, of course, and turns to the Soukyoku as it beats it wings, throwing him off balance. He remarks on its persistence as he readies himself for the next charge. At that moment, a wire wraps around the Soukyoku's throat, stopping it. The captains are shocked at both turns of events as Captains Ukitake and Kyouraku seal the bird with an ancient shield of the Shihouin Family. Soi Fong tells her Lieutenant to stop them, but alas, she is too late to do so and the Soukyoku bursts apart.

    Ichigo is unsure about the turn of events but figures that so long as the Soukyoku is gone, he only has one thing to destroy. He jumps upon the Soukyoku stand and begins to swing Zangetsu by the hilt-wrap, a technique he took from Ogihci. Rukia cries out, asking what it is he intends to do to which he replies in a matter-of-fact tone that he will destroy the execution grounds.

    Rukia tells him that he is crazy but he tells her that her opinions are rejected and tells her to watch. He promptly destroys the grounds as he said he would and declares that he will save her. Rukia asks how he intends to escape with everyone watching and he says that they will simply run.

    She says that there is no way to run from all of them and he replies that he will then cut through them all. His eyes burn fiercely as he speaks. He tells her that it is not just her she is saving. He tells her about everyone who came to help her, even Chad. He speaks with honest confidence that he will save everyone who has helped and that they will all return together.

    Rukia is enraptured by his speaking and feels the strength emanating from his very being and through the way he talks. She no longer voices a complaint. Renji then appears, defeating the men who released the Soukyoku with ease. Ichigo greets him and tosses Rukia down. He tells him that his job is to run, no matter what happens. Renji nods with seriousness and begins running.

    The captains dispatch their Lieutenants but as they run, Ichigo interrupts their path with Shunpo. They tell him to move but he refuses. Each of the three release their shikai and Ichigo promptly defeats each of them with a single blow, bare handed.

    He draws Zangetsu just in time to block Captain Kuchiki's assault, remarking that he said once before that he can see him.

    This is the climax of the series. There was no doubt in my mind that Ichigo would win any fights that came his way; it was only a matter of how he would win that made me watch the proceeding episodes. Tite Kubo did a magnificent job in showing his strength and confidence. I have watched episode after episode, but none have hit me as this one has. Bravo.
  • One of the best episodes!!!The day of Rukia's execution!!! Poor Rukia will Ichigo save her in time?!?!?!?!?!?!

    The Day of Rukia's execution. Rukia is taken to the place where her execution is being held, meanwhile Ichigo is training with Youroichi trying to achieve bankai in short short amount of time to save her. Everything is set and Rukia is asked if she has any last words. She says "just one". She asks if the ryoka (Icihigo and his friends) can return to the world of the living unharmed. Of course she was lied to, but they did that so she wouldn't worry. Oh noooo poor Rukia!!!! The execution started and just as she is about to die..... ITS ICHIGO!!!!!! I knew he'd come back!!! He can't ever leave Rukia... they belong together!!!! lol. Rukia is somewhat relieved even though she didn't say it. She said that she wouldn't thank him but Ichigo didn't care, he kind of knew that. But I know that she meant thank you deep in her heart!!! After there like 3 minute small talk Renji comes in. Ichigo gives Renji an order to catch Rukia and protect her. Wait?!?!?! did he say catch.... YEAH HE DID!!!!! This is the funniest part he throws Rukia all the way down to Renji. Luckily Renji catches her and runs as fast as he can. Ichigo then confronts Byakuya and the batlle begins!!! Meanwhile Renji is shown running with Rukia in his arms. AWWWWWW how cute, but I'm still a Rukia/Ichigo fan.This was an EXCELLENT EPISODE!!!! I can watch over and over again!!
  • One of the Best episode of any show I have seen!!

    The episode was quite dramatic in the begin which I was not sure what was going to happen but then as expected the hero came to the rescue just in time. Everyone was in awe of his arrival which I felt the same when I saw him accomplish things that never seemed possible with his old self. There were some parts that were surprising but it made the episode perfect.

    I was both laughing and surprised at the randomness that happened with the surprise. I loved how the music tied with the small fight which I was in awe again when the hero easily took out his minor foes. Then it was perfect how a once more powerful enemy was easily on the same level as the hero.

    This episode tied perfectly with everything that happened which I think it was well done and I can't wait to see the next episodes of this thrilling show
  • Rukia is moments away from death, but Ichigo swoops in and saves her. Not only that, but then he beats down three lieutenant level shinigami with his bare hands. Even Byakuya was powerless. The final battle between Byakuya and Ichigo begins!

    The execution has begun. Rukia is literally lying on her deathbed and is mere moments away from being obliderated by the Syokyouku. Just before she can be killed, Ichigo shows up and blocks the power of one million zanpakuto with just his one. After destroying the giant cross Rukai had been on and leaving all the captains in awe, Ichigo makes the handoff to Renji and he runs away with her. The Lieutenants attack and try to stop him from escaping, but Ichigo interviens. Without even using his soul slayer, Ichigo is easily able to defeat all three. Sensing danger, he spins around and grabs Zangetsu to block an enemy's blade. Who could it be except Byakuya Kuchiki? And just like that, the greatest battle in the whole sould society begins!
  • Rukia's execution begins and things seem hopeless until Ichigo arrives to save her in a flashy way. Very exciting episode with lots of suspense and cool skills on Ichigo's part.

    One of my absolute favorite episodes. Rukia has resigned herself to death and everyone is too far away to save her. The Soukyoku attacks and she says her goodbyes when suddenly Ichigo appears. That kind of quick twist is expected by viewers but it is still exciting when it comes to pass. The confidence that Ichigo was portraying also looks good because Rukia and everyone watching cannot believe what they are seeing when he displays his skills, stopping the Soukyoku and destroying the Soukyoku cross. Like the rest of the audience I was riveted to my seat watching as Ichigo effortlessly neutralized 3 vice-captains. The beginning of a great battle with Captain Kuchiki. This episode is great and it will lead into an even better episode in my opinion.
  • Roasted Rukia!!! How delicious!!!

    Aight, Rukia is about to get scorched by this phoenix looking Zanpaktou. The other captains are watching the execution and is anyone gonna save her?

    This is probably one of my favorite Bleach episode. Rukia is about to be executed when Ichigo suddenly appears. I thought that Ichigo looked really cool in this scene. He was able to save Rukia with the help of two other captains and Ichigo shows them some of his new abilities. He was able to defeat three lieutenants with his bare hands. Thats pretty impressive. This is also the episode where Byakuya and Ichigo's duel start.

    I really liked this episode because everything about it was great. The characters looked really cool especially in this episode. The action was intense as usual.
  • Rukia Execution! Release Death Blow Ichigo! Over 50 episodes of Bleach is behind this very satisfying episode. It's just pure brilliance.

    The writers really outdid themselves this episode. One of the best and fruitful episode of any TV show I've ever seen.

    When Rukia made that request to have the ryukia returned home safely it really culminated her character in that she's a considerate outsider. Accepting her own execution and thanking her would be saviours.

    Along with the music and Ichigo's arrival (I actually didn't expect him) when he stops the Soukyoku (right spelling?) I couldn't help smiling. Especially when he straight off started arguing with Rukia.

    The other two Captains (the lover guy and the sick one) come in the nick of time to stop Soukyoku from its second strike. And Ichigo is free to throw Rukia to Renji and tell him to get her out safely. Then he beats up vice-captains like he's swatting flies.

    I have to say the part when Ichigo beats those three vice-captains with his cape flying around and with the music it felt very uplifting to watch. I'm starting to wonder who the hell can beat Ichigo now?
  • Perfect. Not much more to say then that.

    Rukia execution is happening, and still no sign of Utikate or Rukia to save her. As the execution weapon is unsealed, you think no one is coming. As it is about to makes its final blow and first blow on Rukia, she thanks everyone and sort of her life flashes before her eyes.

    Ichigo comes and saves the day at the very last 3 seconds. He stops the weapon that is 1000 times stronger then a normal zanpakotou. As the execution phoneix looking weapons, makings its 2nd move Utikate save Rukia this time. Shusei jumpes and aids Ukitake.

    Ichigo breaks the unbreakable thing. And finally saves Rukia for the time being. Then Renji comes up healed, but still injuried, Ichigo saves her in an odd way, tosses her at least 100 meters in the air to Renji. Man she HAS a HIGH PITCHED scream.

    Then finally get to the battle that most people waited for and set it up after Ichigo clears the 3 vice captains in 1 blow.

    Overall just great, the suspense was good, the story was good. The plot was getting set up for more fights. Just overall well writen.
  • Just awesome!

    I spent the last two weeks wondering what was going to happen. However, I knew that it was going to happen. I loved this episode, it is my favorite episode of them all, so far. This one was worth the 2 week wait and it is just astounding! I loved the second half of this episode. This is one that I will watch over and over again. I thought that Ichigo would be able to use bankai in this episode but clearly he did not. However, it did set up a huge battle. Just perfectly well done, and it keeps you guessing till you finally know what happens. I am sorry if this review sucks but I am trying to manage not to spoil it for anyone.
  • excution of Kuchiki Rukia.

    oh. i love this epsd. when i first watch it,i kept repeating the 2nd half over and over. i have some fave epsd and this is one of the top!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the next one to come out. to see what happens. very interesting. you could see that ichigo is very very powerful in this epsd and see how he grew to where he is now.