Season 1 Episode 4

The Cursed Parrot

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on TV Tokyo

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  • Chad, Rukia and Ichigo must save a cursed parret from the dangers of a hollow

    Ichigo's friend Chad finds a bird that is rumored to bring bad luck. Chad takes the bird in anyway because he has a soft spot for animals. Ichigo's sister Karin finds out that the bird is really the soul of a young boy whose mother was killed. The boy is now being hunted by a Hollow. Karin makes Ichigo promise that he will save the boy. The story of the cursed bird doesnt frighten chad he takes in the parret and gets hurt alot. The parret tells chad to abadon him but he refuses now chad with the help of ichigo and rukia must save this tormented soul from an evil hollow