Season 3 Episode 5

Authentic Records! The Shinigami School

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 23, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • As if flashbacks weren't prominent in Bleach enough :s

    Yet another episode that doesn't premiere Ichigo as the main character. Unlike the past episodes, there really isn't a clear cut main character here. You think it's Renji, other times Hinamori, and sometimes even Kira. Although this flashback episode doesn't seem like it is building towards anything significant besides bring back goold old memories for characters that aren't even part of the main cast, it was an interesting episode nonetheless. One of Bleach's strengths are that its supporting characters are almost as great as their main ones, and here we get to see the origins of some of the supporting characters, mainly Hinamori, Hitsugaya, and Kira.
  • A flash back of Renji's, Momo's, and Izuru's first year at the soul society.

    The episode starts on the first day of Renji's, Momo's, Izuru's, and Rukia's first year at the soul society school. Renji, Momo, and Izuru made the top class in the school by getting the highest on the registation exam. In a class, they have to cast a kido spell and hit the target where they find out who they are by them being the best in the class. Then it goes to there class goes on a feild trip to fight a dumy hollow in the human world. They finnish their mission but then real hollows attack them and every one flees except for them and a sixth year student who all ready will be ranked in the court gaurds, Hisagi. They find out they are no match for these meny of them until Captain Aizen and Vice Captain Ichimaru come and kill all of them. Then the episode goes to present day where Momo is able to escape her cell.