Season 1 Episode 5

Beat the Invisible Enemy!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Nov 02, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Rukia and Chad are fighting the Hollow who was hunting the young boy's soul. Chad cannot see the Hollow but he can sense it and attacks it. Rukia can see the Hollow, but since she still has none of her shinigami powers her attacks have no effect. It's up to Ichigo to save the day.moreless

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  • Pretty good.

    I thought this "mini-arc" of Chad and the bird was pretty good overall. The action in Bleach has been consistently good so far, above average if anything else, and it's good to see that it isn't only Ichigo solving all the problems. Seeing Rukia and Chad fight was pretty fun to watch, especially Chad since he spent a great deal of his time punching randomly in the air. What I didn't like though is that the Hollow pulled a very cliche James Bond antagonist move where he tells the main character EVERYTHING of what he did. This has really bothered me in a lot of shounens; realistically, they are just not going to do that.moreless
  • Chad and Rukia vs hollow, then ichigo shows up and begins a battle

    Rukia and Chad are fighting the Hollow who was hunting the young boy's soul. Chad cannot see the Hollow but he can sense it and attacks it. Rukia can see the Hollow, but since she still has none of her Soul Reaper powers her attacks have no effect. A little while into the fight Ichigo appears and starts fighting the Hollow. When Ichigo defeats this Hollow it is sent to Hell and not the Soul Society because the soul slayer can only cleanse sins after death not ones during life. This episode was pretty good though i was waiting for ichigo to show up so that the hollow would be killed. The story of the boy and the hollow was sad though. all in all good episodemoreless
  • Bleach episode 5; Exciting!

    This was really cool. Chad actually fought the Hollow, and nearly defeated it. But then, the Hollow got the bird, and held CHad hsotage. That was a bummer.

    And then he started to fight Rukia, with bombs of his own. That was cool, and then Ichigo came to save her, and he eventually managed to defeat the Hollow, and thus sneding it away, to Hell. It was really cool to see the gates of hell, it rocked big! And then the boy was sent to Soul Society.

    Aww, I just love such happy endings!

    All in all, a great episode, a great ending and all. Really exciting!

  • Time races as Rukia and Chad begin to fight the hallow.

    Rukia and Chad continue to fight the hallow.While Ichigo takes his sister back home.Even though Chad couldn't see the hallow.But he could sense it of course.Altough it seemed that the hallow had the upper hand.Even though Rukia and Chad,were trying their best to beat this thing.As it was flying thing.Ichgigo remembered the past and about his sister as well.Altough it seemed that they were losing with the leech bomb.And the bird was hostage.Ichigo comes and help.Apparently both the hallow and the bird had an past.It was revealed that he told the little boy that if he could outrun him he could bring his mother back.Of course that was an lie.So he ended up somewhere he belongs.And the little boy learns that his mother is waiting for him.So he could go free.

    Yeah this was an awsome episode.moreless
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Makoto Tsumura

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Rie Kugimiya

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    • Ichigo: (thinking) How many years has it been... since I last saw Karin cry? Until our mom died, Karin was a crybaby, just like Yuzu. After Mom died, Yuzu, who was the clever and responsible one, tried to fill in for our mom, and began to take over all of the housekeeping. Karin, who wasn't good at much of anything, stopped crying altogether so as not to worry the rest of us. Even when she got in trouble, or the time she broke her leg, she never cried. So if she's crying, she must truly be in pain.

    • Rukia: (sees Chad attempting to hit the hollow by punching the surrounding area) He's not there, he's up in the air again!
      Chad: Oh.
      Rukia: And anyway, I think I have a plan.
      (a moment later)
      Chad: Hey new girl, if you ask me, there are some problems with this plan.
      Rukia: Don't worry, combining your brute strength with my intelligence is our best chance here.
      Chad: You must be smart, 'cause this seems really stupid to me.
      Rukia: Let me do the thinking for the both of us.

    • Rukia: Perfect timing, Ichigo.
      Ichigo: You act like you planned it this way. I thought you promised me you weren't gonna screw this thing all up!
      Rukia: Well now, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you actually care about what happens to me.
      Ichigo: Heh. I guess I do.
      Hollow: How touching. Do you plan to keep standing on my head all day? Who are you anyway?
      Ichigo: Ichigo Kurosaki. Age 15. Substitute Soul Reaper. And if you really wanna play some serious tag, I think it's me you oughta chase!

    • Hollow: Yes, I killed the brat's mother back when I was still alive. You might have heard about me. I was all over the TV, the radio, everywhere. I was a famous serial killer. They never woulda caught me either, I was too smart. I'd still be out there huntin' today, but as it turned out, the kid's mother was my last score. She was a sweet one; I stabbed her eight times and she ran and ran, bleeding, and when she couldn't run anymore she still tried to protect the kid. I really got off on it, but that's when everything went sour. I chased her onto the balcony and finished her off, then that stupid kid grabbed my shoelaces. I lost my balance and went over the railing twenty stories down. Who da thought I'd get knocked off by a snot-nosed kid? Suddenly, I was dead, I was pissed, and I wanted payback.

    • (Upon defeating the hollow, Ichigo is stunned to see giant gates appear before him.)
      Rukia: Don't worry, they're the Gates of the Underworld, but they're opening only for him. The Zanpakuto can only wash away sins a soul has committed as a hollow. Those who commit terrible crimes while alive go to the Underworld.

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