Season 11 Episode 6

Betrayal! Aizen's Secret Maneuvers

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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Shinji's group manages to restrain Kensei using a powerful Kidou spell but then Hiyori also undergoes 'hollowfication'. They are then attacked by Tousen and as the rest of the group undergo 'hollowfication' Shinji battles against Aizen and is almost killed when Urahara and Tsukabishi arrive to save him.moreless
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  • From the start with the CUTE LITTLE Nanao Isei, To the end with the EVIL SINISTER MASTERMIND SOUSKE AZIEN!!!!!!

    I like to start my review by mentioning the relationship between Captain Shunsui Kyouraku of squad 8 and of his vice captains. At the beginning of this episode Kyouraku takes a walk and notices the fake Aizen and looks suspiciously at the fake, which may indicate that Kyouraku wasn't completely fooled by Aizen's power and proves he is the smartest of the captains. As he heads back to the squad 8 Barracks he notices that little Nanao (his future vice captain) is waiting their all alone. Apparently she was at that time the youngest member of squad 8 and she visited the barracks once a month on the 1st, and when she comes she and Lisa read together(although I don't know why a soul reaper squad let a little girl join a squad when she doesn't have a zanpakuto, and where is she when it is not the 1st ?). I was wondering what the connection was between Nanao and Lisa, Lisa was like Nanao's role model and it seems they got along nicely. It will be interesting to see them reunite. But mainly it was so heart wrenching when Nanao got all sad when Lisa wasn't their and even more heart wrenching was Kyouraku's response "Lisa will be okay, she'll be back by dawn I guarantee." It's so sad because we all know she's not coming back and that must have really hurt Kyouraku because he was the one who volunteered her, so he may have blamed himself for what happened to her. This would explain why he doesn't let Nanao fight. He doesn't want to lose another vice captain. Anyway moving on into the episode. The team finally pine Kensei down thanks to Hachi's strongest binding spell. So it looks like their out of the wood. Until Hiyori turns hollow!!!!! (Proving what I said in the last episode.) But before another fight can begin Tosen uses his Bankai to make a sneak attack then stab's them and at the same time infects them again. Shinji is the only one leafed conscious, but is badly hurt, and then Aizen arrives with his evil little sidekick Gin. As they stand their Shinji tells Azien (for whatever reason) that he always suspected he was evil (but never really did anything about it.) and the only reason why he made Aizen his vice captain was so he could keep an eye on him. But Aizen pulls up reverse psychology on Shinji, revealing that because of his suspicious behavior to Azien he never learned any thing about his personality and thanks to Aizens zanpakutos ability of hypnotics he made a fake Azien that Shinji couldn't tells was fake. On a side note Azien said something similar to captain Hitsugaya in episode 60, that everyone failed to see his true identity (meaning one of two thing. Either his was saying how disappointed he was that no one figured out who he was because he leafed a big hint about it, or that he is upset that no really knows him.) anyway after Azien taunts him Shinji begins to turn into a hollow and so does the rest of the search group. Hiyori try's to regain control in order to help Shinji, but Tosen slashes her before she can move. This pisses Shinji off, so he attackes Tosen while only having part of his mask on. Shinji finds a way to stay in control long enough to beat Tosen, but doesn't have enough strength for Azien. Before being be-headed by his slimy vice captain, Kisuke and Teasi come in to save the day! (how cliché!) Anyway to wrap it all up Shinji was really hurt in this episode, it's no wonder why he lost control. I mean aside from letting his vice captain who he knew was a back stabber stab him and his friends in the back (and ruined their lives.) Both Tosen and Gin were on his squad. He must have trained Tosen before he was transferred to squad 9, and he may have had more of a connected between Gin then what was revealed in this arc. What happened to him was a truly horrible betrayal and there may have more later on. But this is serious considering the fact that those who betrayed him are the group of villains in bleach. I hope Shinji and the other vizards get revenge. Big time!moreless
  • The tension mounts as the group tries to take on Kensei. As they believe they've subdued him, Tousen uses his bankai and Aizen appears to reveal his plan. The coming episodes should not be missed.moreless

    After subduing Kensei with Way of Binding 99, Hiyori tells Shinji to release her. Shinji bears a concerned expression when the hollowfication begins and Hiyori attacks Shinji herself to get free of his grasp. Everyone is about to fight back when Tousen appears, using his bankai to subdue everyone except Shinji. It is at this moment that Aizen appears. He explains that he has used his Zankpaktou to make Shinji believe that he has been following him around for the past few weeks, when in fact he was preparing to go along with his hollowfication process, sending a decoy in his place to follow Shinji. Shinji, agitated, tries to lash out at Aizen, but this apparently quickens the hollowfication. Aizen notes it aloud and Tousen moves to try and take care of Shinji, who realizes he should be fine if he keeps his cool. He fights with reserve, trying not to advance the process and begins to realize how strong the mask is making him. It is at this time that he pummels Tousen into the ground.

    Tousen apologizes and Aizen says he had anticipated it. It is at this time that the hollowfication proceeds with everyone, including the felled warriors. Aizen says it is time for Shinji to die, but Captain Uruhara arrives, parrying the blow. Captain Aizen remarks that they have interesting guests and the classic "To Be Continued" takes dominion of the screen.

    My take: I am extremely excited to see the culmination of this backwards pendulum swing. I can see already how it is relating to the present time, and yet there are so many bridges to cross to get to the other side that I'm unsure. I feel as if I'm watching the Soul Society arc all over again.

    My predictions: Uruhara and Tensai will do something to help the hollowfied Shinigami. Aizen will either blame it upon them or twist the scenario in a way that will make the soul society see them as unfit to be among them and Uruhara will take refuge in the world of the living along with Tensai, the Arrancar and Yoruichi.

    Speculations: If he goes to the world of the living, it has to be an impossible trip so that no one would suspect or there has to be some comprehension on behalf of the soul society. It is more likely, however, that he will do something dazzling. It's unfathomable that a man of his power would be banished to the world of the living. It cannot be the work of the captains. When he gets to the world of the living, he will probably train the Arrancar or he will perhaps be involved in it. Unsure, however. Undoubtedly, the Arrancar are going to aide in the coming battle with Aizen. They've served no purpose but to aide Ichigo until now. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, something great is coming. Every endeavor made through the show is now coming into play and everyone is involved. This may well be the ragnarok of the Soul Society, World of the Living and Hueco Mundo. One thing is certain; you do not want to miss the next episode.moreless

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