Season 16 Episode 24

Changing History, Unchanging Heart

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 27, 2012 on TV Tokyo
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Changing History, Unchanging Heart
The battle between Ichigo (Masakazu Morita) and Ginjo (Hiroki Tochi) has finally come to an end. One of them suffers a fatal wound. After the death, everybody tries to deal with the new order of things in his or her own way, including Tsukishima (Daisuke Ono), Rukia (Fumiko Orikasa) and the townspeople of Karakura.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When the captains all stand in front of Captain Commander Genryuusai, all the even division numbered captains stand to his right and the odd numbered stand to his left.

    • Goof: When Tsukishima is about to attack Ichigo, Rukia turns around and we see sparks of Fullbringer light and hear Riruka's voice. If you look at Rukia's right arm in this scene, the sleeve of her kimono is shredded. When Rukia jumps in front of Tsukishima to protect Ichigo, the right sleeve of her kimono is undamaged, yet when she is in Ichigo's arms, her kimono is shredded.

    • In this episode, when Ichigo goes to Soul Society to ask for Ginjo's body, Zangetsu is drawn wrong. In episode 361, it's drawn more like a meat cleaver, whereas in this episode, it's made more triangular.

    • In the entire history of Bleach, Ginjo is the only opponent Ichigo has actually killed.

    • When Rukia thinks back on Ichigo's time as a Shinigami, the events after the first 8 are shown out of order. After the eighth event (Ichigo as a full Hollow against Ulquiorra) it should be:

      event 9: Ichigo in Final Getsugatensho mode

      event 10: Ichigo when he's losing his powers and Rukia starts to fade from his sight

      event 11: Just before Ichigo gets his powers back from Rukia

      event 12: Ichigo just after he gets his powers back from Rukia

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  • NOTES (2)

    • This final episode is number 366. If you add the numbers together, you get 15. In Japanese, the numbers 1 and 5 are "ichi" and "go", respectively. Combining them makes "Ichigo", the main character's name.

    • Japanese Title: 変わりゆく歴史、変わらぬ心
      Romaji Title: Kawariyuku rekishi, kawaranu kokoro