Season 6 Episode 15

Clash! The Black Bankai and the White Bankai

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM May 02, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Boring

    Well this episode should be a step up from the mediocre one before it, but really it isn't. It's several notches a step down despite having some nice and a lot of action scenes. I mean Ichigo is fighting with several of the Vizards, has some bouts with a mind created Byakuya and Kariya. Well first off these inner battle episodes are pretty tricky to handle, and this episode did a pretty terrible job of handling it. It was just so boring, the logic and anecdotes just didn't make that much sense, and most of was just boring! Just hope this Ichigo conquering his hollow within is over and done with soon so we can start the next series of fights already.
  • Strange... very strange... not to mention confusing... but... still... also very interesting! watch this one!

    Many questions remain to be answered in this episode. For example... what's with the weird flashbacks/hallucinations?? and HEY everyone! have you realized that Zangetsu/that white fella's teath are now white??? ahahahaha! how interesting! but it seriously! it leaves everything hanging! whaaa-!! and what is with that white guys's hand becoming suddenly peachy-colored again??! whaaa?! hmm... odd, huh? but let's count on the anime people to make it worth the effort!! ohohohoho! yaaaaaay! i wonder what happens next... :)
  • While the Vaizards fight the physical body of Hollow Ichigo, the real battle for control rages in Ichigo's inner world. The fight to determine who controls Ichigo's soul begins, it's the battle of the Bankai's!!!

    With Ichigo's physical body transforming into a hollow, the Vaizards finally spring into action, trying to keep the awesome power of Hollow Ichigo under control long enough for Ichigo to win the battle that is beginning in his inner world. The Vaizard find that they have their hands more than full, as full Hollow Ichigo unleashes some awesome and unique attacks. They must keep this power under control while Ichigo fights for control of his soul in his inner world. Answering Ichigo move for move with little effort, Hollow Ichigo reveals some shocking news about Zangetsu and Ichigo's Bankai. If fighting against his hollow self wasn't enough, two of Ichigo's past enemies make a surprising appearance, including an Anime only character, from a certain unpopular filler arc. This episode is full of action from beginning to end, and started to answer some of the questions about Ichigo's and Zangetsu's power. Like most Bleach episodes, it leaves you looking forward to next week.