Season 3 Episode 18

Conclusion of the Death Match! White Pride and Black Desire

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The conclusion of the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya Ichigo appears to be at a disadvantage until his Hollow-half takes over and gives him the edge. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya makes a startling discovery in Central Office Forty-Six.

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  • Suspenseful and dramatic.

    It seems that whether it's Ichigo or Byakuya, they each have a new weapon or technique up their sleeve they use to one up each other. Byakuya releases his annihilate form of his bankai, and when all hope is lost for Ichigo, his hollow form takes over and easily takes care of Byakuya. Like in all major fights, this one ended in a typical "the last attack determines the winner" fashion, and you can expect who won. The fight was rather entertaining with some twists here and there, most notably Ichigo's hollow form taking over, but it was pretty predictable.moreless
  • The final part of the epic fight between Byakuya and Ichigo...with a guest appearance from Super Special Awesome hollow!!

    Wow this episode really caught my eye. The fact that Ichigo's bankai is having negative effects shows the audience that he is still trying to master it, and yet can kick the crap out of Byakuya. Also the fact that the hollow appeared and started pulverizing him makes this episode way better. This is the episode that truly made me appreciate this anime. It was pretty original in my books and happen very excellent animation done for it. We also get to see different moves that ichigo's bankai can do when the hollow takes over and it goes to show you that more will be in store for us as the series progresses. I give this episode 10/10 for being my favourite episodemoreless
  • Best episode I have ever seen!

    The conclusion to the most anticipated battle in the show up till this point ever since Kuchiki destroyed Ichigo's death god powers. The reveal of ichigo's inner hollow was simply genius as it would ultimately foreshadow the inner struggle within Ichigo's soul. i.e Dark side vs the Light side. This episode actually made Byugaya one of my favorite characters int the show, he is amazingly powerful yet graceful. This is simply one of the best anime I have ever seen and I am very proud to say i watch it, but as for this episode, it was amazing, what else can I say, Ban...KAIIII!!!!!moreless
  • The conclusion of the fight between Kuchiki Byayuka and Ichigo

    This episode mainly focuses on the fight between Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Byayuka. They are fighting for a while and then Byayuka uses his Scatter technique but Ichigo has learnt the Flash Step so he avoids the attacks. However, Ichigo then tells Byayuka to use his Bankai. Kuchiki Byayuka sends out his Bankai which is an arena of pink swords. Ichigo gets hit and then he tries to use his lash Step to move faster. Byayuka however, tells Ichigo that Ichigo had slowed down. Ichigo then takes a beating and when he collapses, his Hollow side takes over and starts hitting Byayuka. However, the normal Ichigo controls the Hollow Ichigo and rips off his mask. Eventually, Byayuka tells Ichigo why he wants to kill Rukia. Meanwhile whitey-chan and the tall ginger woman make a shocking discovery in The Office of the Forty-Six and Orihime and the gang find Ichigo.moreless
  • The time has come for the showdown between Ichigo and Byakuya. This episode is a proud episode for the show for it takes a turn in each line. Already Ichigo has revealed his maximium power but what of his hidden source. Is Byakuya done with this move?moreless

    It all starts off within Byakuya\'s Bankai\'s true form which is Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows. Ichigo is trapped between a thousand blades and his worse enemy or arch rival so to speak. The one person that showed Ichigo that he was not strong enough to save everyone. No it shows more so then that.

    When Byakuya first took him down it shattered Ichigo\'s pride but only made him want to bring Rukia back even more. Now it was time to show that he was not just a fly in the way of the swatter. He was the wall in front of the car and he is not going down without a fight. They go neck and neck, fighting mono o mono but something is not right, Byakuya is getting faster or is Ichigo getting slower?

    It turns out that being within those walls of blades Ichigo would loose power every moment he was within there and by the next attack he was unable to move himself. The sword itself would not lift, his eyes were shutting and right before his journey was ended, something happened. That same evil that he had seemingly defeated before arose from the bowels of his soul and released itself on it\'s own accord. Jumping right into the battle and proving to both Ichigo and Byakuya that maybe theres more that they must gain. Or at least Ichigo knows that theres more to gain to get rid of the curse that haunts his soul.

    The conflict raged between foe and foe and the Captain himself was failing to stop the brutal assault of the Hollow. Right before a fatal attack was made, Ichigo struggled to regain his body, and regain the pride that was just stolen from him. He wanted to win on his own so that he knows that he could. That it was he who saved Rukia, not him. So once he ripped the mask off it was amazing to see just how the battle came to the final ounce of power. Each giving his all and in the end, it was not Ichigo\'s power that won but his reasoning.

    We see that he had finally conquered the hill, rose onto the pedastal and made himself a new person. It was a step into another ring for Ichigo and it showed the potential of the show at it\'s best. This episode held both drama, action, and even a bit of horror in the mix. One of the best, not my favorite but still ranks high on the list.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Byakuya begins to power up for his final attack against Ichigo, at one point the slash and blood across his chest are gone.

    • Continuity Error: When Byakuya lets go of Ichigo's sword blade and jumps back, we see his blood being splattered on the ground on the way. But after Ichigo stops after jumping back as well, the picture pans over to Byakuya and the blood on the ground is gone.

    • Ichigo's hollow side comes out for the first time in this episode.

    • When Ichigo is powering up for his last attack, and during this attack, you can see the hole in his right shoulder is gone, and doesn't appear again until after the exchange.

    • During the latter half of the episode, watch the left side of Byakuya's face. The amount of blood keeps changing. In fact, at one point, during Byakuya's memory flashback of their final attacks, the blood over his left eye is gone.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Byakuya: It's over for you, Ichigo Kurosaki.
      Ichigo: What'd you say? (thinking) My body! I can't... move!
      Byakuya: I gather... you think my movements became faster after using my Senkei. That's not true. All that technique does is compress my numerous sword fragments into one blade... in order to explosively increase its killing capabilities. I haven't gotten faster.
      Ichigo: So then, are you saying... that what has actually changed here is that I've gotten slower?
      Byakuya: There's nothing for you to be ashamed of. You have defeated many high level Soul Reapers. You have gone far beyond what anyone thought you were capable of. You even survived slashes from the Senbonzakura. But you can feel it now, can't you? Your body... is dying. You're only a human. Though your spirit has not been broken, there is a limit to what you can endure. You have reached that limit. This is the end, Ichigo Kurosaki...(brings his sword down for the killing blow)
      Ichigo: (thinking) Move! I have to move! Move, dammit! Why am I here? Why have I come all this way! It's all for nothing if I don't win! I... wanna win. ...need to win!

    • Chad: What could that spiritual pressure come from?
      Uryu: I think that we should move a little farther away, Orihime. There isn't very much we can do here.
      Orihime: I appreciate that, Uryu, but I'll stay. I wanna be close to Ichigo.
      Uryu: (thinking) She knows. She knows that, with her limited power, if she tried to help Ichigo, she'd only get in the way. Even if there was something she could do to help, Ichigo would surely never want that. She understands all of that, and yet she's still willing to stay here in this dangerous place... waiting... hoping for your safety, Ichigo. Always praying for your victory. Always believing in you. (out loud) You had better win, Ichigo! (thinking) If you lose... I will never forgive you! Win, Ichigo!

    • Byakuya: What you see... is what happens when I abandon all defense... and risk everything... to kill my enemy. This is the true form of Senbonzakura.
      (thousands of blades surround Ichigo and Byakuya)
      Byakuya: Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.
      (Ichigo gasps)
      Byakuya: Don't worry though. This is just your funeral procession. The thousand swords around you will not attack you all at once. So relax. This Senkei is a form that I show only those special few enemies... who are truly deserving of my vow to kill them with my own hands. You are only the second to ever see it.
      Ichigo: (sarcastically) I'm truly flattered.

    • Uryu: Rukia is our friend. Why wouldn't we save her?
      Orihime: In fact, she's more than just a friend. Rukia's important to us because she's important to Ichigo.
      Uryu: (surprised) Orihime... what?
      Orihime: Think about it. It's Rukia who changed everything. Rukia has changed Ichigo's life.

    • Uryu: (about Ichigo) I think he's fighting someone powerful. Just freeing her is not enough... if you know the enemy's going to come after her. Ichigo knows that in order to save Rukia, he has to thoroughly defeat his enemy. He has to make them completely give up on the idea of executing her. That's why Ichigo is still fighting. He's putting everything on the line with this one battle.

    • [Byakuya swings what he believes to be a final blow on Ichigo]
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: [*chuckles* grabs Byakuya's soul slayer, he with an eerie echo] I told you that I'd be in trouble if you died, you idiot.
      Byakuya: [shocked] Impossible! What are you?
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: Who am I? [raises head to reveal half of a hollow's mask covering Ichigo's left face] HA! I don't have a name!
      [Ichigo's Inner Hollow slashes Byakuya right across his chest with ease]
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: [laughing] You really suck at this, Ichigo! You got beaten by your Bankai's reiatsu, cracking the bones throughout your body. [condescending] You're so pathetic. I'll show you!
      [He destroys Byakuya's soul slayer in his hands]
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: I'll show you how to use a Bankai!
      [Byakuya grabs another one of his swords, but Ichigo's Inner Hollow swings a black spiral towards him]
      Byakuya: [shocked] Kuroi Getsuga [translation: Black Moon Fang]
      [Ichigo's Inner Hollow continues to attack with agility and powerful Kuroi Getsuga, he laughs as he grabs Byakuya from behind and attacks relentlessly]
      Byakuya: The way this reiatsu feels... And that mask... Are you a Hollow?
      [The hollow mask continues to cover more of Ichigo's face]
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: Who knows? There's no need to know. With this you are going to...
      Ichigo: Disappear.
      [Ichigo's Inner Hollow is shocked as Ichigo grabs the mask on his face]
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: Damn! Let go!
      Ichigo: Don't interfere! Leave!
      Ichigo's Inner Hollow: You're the one interfering! {struggling] Can't you tell that I'll win if you leave me like this?! Damn! Damn! You idiot!
      [Ichigo pulls off the mask, which vanishes, and his Inner Hollow continues to scream in pain. Byakuya is bewildered]
      Ichigo: [breathing heavily] Sorry about that getting in the way.

    • Byakuya: You wanted to know... Didn't you? [With difficulty Ichigo turns round] Why I would kill Rukia? Those with sins must be judged... When the sentence has been decided it must be carried out... Those are the rules.
      Ichigo: For the rules... You would even kill your own little sister?
      Byakuya: Feelings towards kin? How pointless...
      Ichigo: What?
      Byakuya: Compared to the rules, all emotions are worthless... I did not have such useless emotions from the start... The Kuchiku Family is one of the four Great Noble Families... We must set the standard for all Shinigami... If we don't obey the rules, who will?
      Ichigo: I'm sorry, but i just can't understand; if i were in your position, i think i would fight against the rules.
      [Byakuya's eyes widen in shock and realisation]
      Byakuya:[in thought] So that's it... I was never his enemy from the very start; he's been fighting against the rules of Soul Society all along... [turns away and begins speaking out loud] Kurosaki Ichigo... My sword has been broken by your freedom; the victory is yours; I can no longer pursue Rukia... [without another word, dissapears with his Shunpo]

    • [Byakuya deployes his final White Imperial Sword Technique, sprouting brilliant white wings and a halo adorning him]
      Ichigo: [smiles widely and shakes his head slightly] Amazing... I'm sorry... But i don't have any techniques that incredible... Zangetsu only tought me Getsuga Tenshō, I'm guessing all i can do now... Is to put all my Reiatsu... Into one final attack![begins swelling up with his black coloured Reiatsu] Let's Go... KUCHIKI BYAKUYA!

    • Kid 1 : It looks like those Mitsumiya guys hired some ringers, too.
      Kid 2: Meh, we've got the strongest ringer of all! We're counting on you, sir!
      Kon: Yeah, leave it to me!
      Mitsumiya kid: Sorry for the wait.
      Kid 1: You're late!
      Kon: Those're... the brats from the Urahara store...
      Kid 1: Those're their ringers.
      Kid 2: One of 'em's a girl!
      Kon: Wait, j-just a minute...
      Kid 1: And that little kid's even got a stuffed animal!
      Kon: ME?!

  • NOTES (2)