Season 8 Episode 15

Desperate Effort vs. Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Ichigo pulls out his Hollow mask and Grimmjow releases his sword, Pantera. With both in their most powerful forms, the battle begins in earnest. The fight is intense with both sides exchanging strong blows. As Ichigo's mask breaks apart bit by bit, Nel urges a frightened Orihime to cheer for Ichigo since he is doing it for her.moreless
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  • Oh boy.

    Looks like I'm in the minority when I say this episode isn't that great as others hype it up to be. Grimmjow vs. Ichigo one of the greatest battles in Bleach? That's a different story, battle is greatly well executed; some nice aesthetic value, absolutely great productions, expected of one of the bigger fights here in Bleach, and aside from the ending, just a great battle from top to bottom. Now, what's wrong with everything else? Close to everything. Orihime's sidestory of not knowing whether to cheer for Ichigo or not added an unnecessary emotional side to the episode, really muddling the fight. The slugfest between Ichigo and Grimmjow was affected and directly led to a very anti-climatic ending.moreless
  • Bankai Vizard Ichigo vs. Released Grimmjow...need I say more?

    Wow, this was good. Ichigo decides to go all out against Grimmjow, after Grimmjow threatens Inoue Orihime and Nel with a Grand Rey Cero. After protecting the girls with his hollow mask, Ichigo can sense Inoue's fear of his change. Asking her to relax and put up Santun Kesshun, Grimmjow reveals his released form...Pantera! Ichigo and Grimmjow battle, causing Halibel's Fraccion to take notice. Halibel calmly tells them that this is the most primal fear they feel. Meanwhile, as Grimmjow and Ichigo battle, Grimmjow sends explosives towards the girls which are protected by Inoue's shield. Reflexively, Ichigo rushes to their aid and allows his body to absorb the five-fold attack. He again notices Inoue's fear, and his battle with Grimmjow begins to be serious. He can still fight back, but it's obvious Grimmjow is gaining the upper hand. Nel, seeing Inoue's fear and hesitation to approve of Ichigo, decides to start cheering for Ichigo herself. Nel tells Inoue, "he's doing this for you! He's a nice person!" And Inoue finally realizes that yes, Ichigo is doing this to protect her, and decided to tell Ichigo that he can't die. Upon hearing this, Ichigo's resolve is renewed and he deals one last strike!...moreless
  • Everyone knows what I'm about to say, so ill just sat it anyway. THIS EPISODE IS EPIC!!!!! (that pretty much sum's it up.)

    The release Grimmjow against the Hollow masked Ichigo. The BEST battle in bleach history, also the most dramatic. Ichigo never told any of his friend that he can go into hollow form and control it. Some of them like Rukia and Reji already knew he had a hollow inside of him but they didn't know he could control it, so this is the first time he has shown it to his friends and it wasn't good. Orihime's reaction wasn't the most encouraging, but in her defense it was kind of hard on her. After all she like Ichigo and that mask doesn't make him look any better. And her brother was turned into a hollow so it is kind of personal. But for real she didn't have act scared of him!! I mean the guy came all the way into Basically Hell to save her even though theirs evidence that she's a tartar and is fighting for his life to save her! Not to mention the fact that he did actually died for her a few episode's back. I'm not to found of Orihime in this episode.

    The Fight was wicked! With no indication of who the most powerful one is! Fricken EPIC!! As for Grimmjow's release form. Which is a panther by the way. Am torn between liking it and repulsing it. On a side note we get to see Halibel, my favorite Espada (also the only female). And she gives us an exhalant performs, despite it being so short. And her Fracction members (Mila-Rose, Apache, Sunsun) were hysterical, I love it when they argue! Anyway I can't wait to see who will win. I doubt Ichigo will kill Grimmkow, he's not that kind of guy. But Grimmjow is! Although why did Grimmjow help bring Ichigo back to life?moreless
  • OMG!This was my favorite episode in the entire show. Just plain BRILLIANT!!Heads up SPOILERS AHEAD!

    Ichigo and grimmjow continue their battle and after realizing that ichigo is no small pawn grimmjow decides to release his zanpaktou Pantera.Ichigo releases his bankai and takes out his hollow mask,then the fight begins for real.This is the first time Inoue saw Ichigo's hollow and she is really scared because she thinks it looked like her hollowized brother.One of my favorite part in this episode was the way Nel made that dumb Inoue realize that Ichigo was fighting for her and that he is getting beat up for her and that she was being afraid of the person who would risk his life to protect her.

    The bottom line is that if you are a bleach fan this is a must see episode.OMG!!moreless

    Ichigo and Grimmjow step up for round three as Ichigo amps himself up with a bankai and a hollow mask and Grimmjow shows off his true form, Pantera. These guys lay down blow upon blow on eachother with neither of them going down for the count. Ichigo stays in his hollow mask for a good period of time so we can finally see what it can do. Everything from beggining to end of this episodes is amazing especially that amazing still shot at the end right after Ichigo stops Grimmjows attack with one hand and lands an amazing blow. We also get to hear Orihime's thoughts on Ichigo fighting for her which actually saves his life because it renews his determination.

    Anyway, this episodes is a must see for any anime fan.moreless

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    • Orihime: Don't die...(Ichigo freezes) Don't die Kurosaki-kun!! (Ichigo turns round to Orihime, who starts weeping) You don't have to win... You don't have to keep trying... Just don't get hurt anymore... please! (Ichigo just stares in shock as Grimmjow charges)
      Grimmjow: Kurosaki!! (Attacks, but is suddenly blocked with one bare hand by Ichigo, who turns round, smiling)
      Ichigo: Sorry Grimmjow... But it would seem that I can't afford to take any more injuries... (Suddenly cuts Grimmjow down the center with Zangetsu)

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