Season 8 Episode 15

Desperate Effort vs. Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Oh boy.

    Looks like I'm in the minority when I say this episode isn't that great as others hype it up to be. Grimmjow vs. Ichigo one of the greatest battles in Bleach? That's a different story, battle is greatly well executed; some nice aesthetic value, absolutely great productions, expected of one of the bigger fights here in Bleach, and aside from the ending, just a great battle from top to bottom. Now, what's wrong with everything else? Close to everything. Orihime's sidestory of not knowing whether to cheer for Ichigo or not added an unnecessary emotional side to the episode, really muddling the fight. The slugfest between Ichigo and Grimmjow was affected and directly led to a very anti-climatic ending.
  • Bankai Vizard Ichigo vs. Released Grimmjow...need I say more?

    Wow, this was good. Ichigo decides to go all out against Grimmjow, after Grimmjow threatens Inoue Orihime and Nel with a Grand Rey Cero. After protecting the girls with his hollow mask, Ichigo can sense Inoue's fear of his change. Asking her to relax and put up Santun Kesshun, Grimmjow reveals his released form...Pantera! Ichigo and Grimmjow battle, causing Halibel's Fraccion to take notice. Halibel calmly tells them that this is the most primal fear they feel. Meanwhile, as Grimmjow and Ichigo battle, Grimmjow sends explosives towards the girls which are protected by Inoue's shield. Reflexively, Ichigo rushes to their aid and allows his body to absorb the five-fold attack. He again notices Inoue's fear, and his battle with Grimmjow begins to be serious. He can still fight back, but it's obvious Grimmjow is gaining the upper hand. Nel, seeing Inoue's fear and hesitation to approve of Ichigo, decides to start cheering for Ichigo herself. Nel tells Inoue, "he's doing this for you! He's a nice person!" And Inoue finally realizes that yes, Ichigo is doing this to protect her, and decided to tell Ichigo that he can't die. Upon hearing this, Ichigo's resolve is renewed and he deals one last strike!...
  • Everyone knows what I'm about to say, so ill just sat it anyway. THIS EPISODE IS EPIC!!!!! (that pretty much sum's it up.)

    The release Grimmjow against the Hollow masked Ichigo. The BEST battle in bleach history, also the most dramatic. Ichigo never told any of his friend that he can go into hollow form and control it. Some of them like Rukia and Reji already knew he had a hollow inside of him but they didn't know he could control it, so this is the first time he has shown it to his friends and it wasn't good. Orihime's reaction wasn't the most encouraging, but in her defense it was kind of hard on her. After all she like Ichigo and that mask doesn't make him look any better. And her brother was turned into a hollow so it is kind of personal. But for real she didn't have act scared of him!! I mean the guy came all the way into Basically Hell to save her even though theirs evidence that she's a tartar and is fighting for his life to save her! Not to mention the fact that he did actually died for her a few episode's back. I'm not to found of Orihime in this episode.

    The Fight was wicked! With no indication of who the most powerful one is! Fricken EPIC!! As for Grimmjow's release form. Which is a panther by the way. Am torn between liking it and repulsing it. On a side note we get to see Halibel, my favorite Espada (also the only female). And she gives us an exhalant performs, despite it being so short. And her Fracction members (Mila-Rose, Apache, Sunsun) were hysterical, I love it when they argue! Anyway I can't wait to see who will win. I doubt Ichigo will kill Grimmkow, he's not that kind of guy. But Grimmjow is! Although why did Grimmjow help bring Ichigo back to life?
  • OMG!This was my favorite episode in the entire show. Just plain BRILLIANT!!Heads up SPOILERS AHEAD!

    Ichigo and grimmjow continue their battle and after realizing that ichigo is no small pawn grimmjow decides to release his zanpaktou Pantera.Ichigo releases his bankai and takes out his hollow mask,then the fight begins for real.This is the first time Inoue saw Ichigo's hollow and she is really scared because she thinks it looked like her hollowized brother.One of my favorite part in this episode was the way Nel made that dumb Inoue realize that Ichigo was fighting for her and that he is getting beat up for her and that she was being afraid of the person who would risk his life to protect her.

    The bottom line is that if you are a bleach fan this is a must see episode.OMG!!

    Ichigo and Grimmjow step up for round three as Ichigo amps himself up with a bankai and a hollow mask and Grimmjow shows off his true form, Pantera. These guys lay down blow upon blow on eachother with neither of them going down for the count. Ichigo stays in his hollow mask for a good period of time so we can finally see what it can do. Everything from beggining to end of this episodes is amazing especially that amazing still shot at the end right after Ichigo stops Grimmjows attack with one hand and lands an amazing blow. We also get to hear Orihime's thoughts on Ichigo fighting for her which actually saves his life because it renews his determination.
    Anyway, this episodes is a must see for any anime fan.
  • This is my favorite battle for Ichigo. IT WAS AMAZING.

    This was an awesome battle and match up. Hollow Ichigo versus Hollow Grimmjow. I was waitting for that fight to happen. It was awesome the way Ichigo was getting the mess beat out of him, and then he put on the mask and then Grimmjow went full Hollow form. And all the other Espada watched amazed at Ichigo's power.I love that form. Grimmjows's form was insane. I like the whole panther look. My favorite part was when Ichigo's mask was almost done and Grimmjow moved in for the kill. Orihime yelled "Don't died Kurosaki". Ichigo then grabbed his hand and stopped his attack and said "Well it looks like I can let you hurt me anymore" or something like that. I loved that episode. I can't wait for him to fight Ulquiorra.
  • Super Special Awesome and Hardcore battle of Awesomeness!

    Ever since i started watching BLEACH last year i thought to my self wow this show is pretty good, i mean the whole releasing swords aspect was really original in my books. But this episode destroys any episode ever created by this franchise; even the classic fight of ichigo's first time bankai and byakuya's bankai. Ichigo it seems has learned to keep his hollow mask on for more than the usual 11 seconds, and that is just one of many aspects of why this episode destroys all the other ones (for fights). I remember when 166 said we had to wait for a few weeks i was very disappointed, but this i realize is the reason why they waited so long. Right after ichigo is all hollowized bankai, Grimmjow finally after many month of waiting releases his full form, and the actions scenes on top of that make this my single favourite episode yet. Well i've heard fillers are on the way, so i guess this is an extremely awesome way to end round off season 7. I highly recommend!
  • People say this is one of the best episodes...and I...

    couldn't agree more! For real. This episode was well worth the 3 week wait! The action was amazing! Grimmjow in his released state vs. Hollow Ichigo! We also got to see a new Espada, Halibel I think her name is. I'm not sure on that because I don't read the manga, but I know she's in the Top 3 Espada. This episode was probably one of my favorites. I mean, the action in it was just awesome! Ichigo refused to let his hollow mask disappear while Grimmjow was relentless with his attacks! I love this show! Awesome episode that I will always remember!
  • Best bleach episode ever, period.

    For an action/adventure anime fan like me, there isn't anything better than nerve-wreaking, blood-spillin, ass-kicking, bitter-rivalry, spark-flying, bankai-action, cool-looking, captain-class ass kicking, and so on and so forth. Before this episode, my favorite episode was the episode where ichigo first became a shinigami, the excitement was too much. Now this, bleach continues to be on par with naruto and i really cant tell which one i like better. After this episode, bleach got a really strong boost from me and now at the top of my list. This kind of action is only to be expected from the an anime on its way to becoming the greates anime of all time.
  • Worth the wait... A hell of an episode...

    Two weeks was worth the wait for this ep in my opinion. We got what couldve been fleshed out over three eps in a show like naruto shippuuden and crammed into one brilliant fast paced action packed episode with not a single moment seemingly wasted.
    There was no cutting between different situations or any time wasting whatsoever this was a 100% pure 30 mins of fun which seems to contain almost all of the best aspects of Bleach and IMHO will stand as an example of what any new viewer or critic should watch if they wanted to see just how badass this show can be...
    Shame its the end of the Shinigami Golden Photobook arc, i was really laughing my ass off at that.
  • I have a quote for this episode from Star Wars: "I have waited a long time for this moment...!!" Simply:Ultimate battle between Masked Ichigo and Released form Grimmjaw!!!

    I think everyone waited for this episode. No talking, no nothing...just action. Fight, fight...and more fight. After Ichigo become masked, Grimmjaw released his true form, Pantera. That looked awsome, but Ichigos hollow form, I mean mask is cooler. :)

    The ultimate battle begins betweens the giants, but its equal. Ichigo can hold his mask much longer, so Grimmjaw cant make anything against him. Inoue and Nel at the same time, are cherring for Ichigo. But first, Inoue was afraid of Ichigos form. She remembered for her brother. But at the end, she realized, that He is Ichigo, and He is here, to rescue her, in any way!

    This was maybe the best episode ever. Enough emotion, but much much more cool action!

    MOOOORE BLEACH! :) Anyway this episode was about 4or5 manga episodes, so we are almost at the manga...thats not a good news... :(
  • Initially, I thought this arc was going nowhere fast and would never amount to much. Not anymore!

    While I absolutely loved the episode, I am constantly being reminded of Dragonball Z with this series. Unexplainable, the lead character always pulls out enormous amounts of power that was previously impossible for them. While I did like the Dragonball Z series when I was younger, eventually became more and more of the same thing over and over. I am fast believing that to be the same case here.

    Back in the Soul Society arc, in one episode we jumped a few days forward and completely skipped exactly how Ichigo achieved his Bankai. This arc, we have seen that he could only hold his Hollow state for 10 seconds. Then with this episode we see that not only has he passed that 10 second mark simply by being healed after his previous bout, but there no longer seems to be a limit at all. I hate how things like this are not explained in this anime.

    However, as a hardcore Bleach fan, I cannot help but still give this episode a perfect 10. I do have one recommendation to any fan that has yet to watch this episode. Wait. Do not start this episode yet. Wait until next week where you can pick up the next episode immediately following this one. I am only to eager for next week to come and really wish I had put this episode off until then.
  • well after two weeks of waitng were back to witness a battle that was long awaited.. with both of these two bahemoths battleing it out we shall witness bleach at its best

    This fight totally destroys the shadow that was cast over bleach from the soul society arc..although alot of the fights leading up to this one stretching from the arancar arc and the hueco mundo arc have been superb this tottally sets the new standerd for future was worth the wait..this should put to rest all those would be fans that have always said that soul society was the best arc..clearly we are just beggining to watch what bleach has truly to offer..incredible from start to finish..truely amazing action and emotion where bleach shines..and to all the true hardcore fans this is yet another reason why bleach is one if not my favorite anime
  • ichigo has to fight grimjaw once more.. who will win?

    One of if the the best moment out of the whole bleach saga.
    Though I think next week's 167 will no doubt top even this episode. There are only a few fights out of the whole series so far that seem to be crossroads for ichigo and his understanding of his true power. This episode is definitely one of those and if you thought the fight between ichigo and Kuchiki was intense this will have you clawing your eyes out for more!
    Not only is the episode insanely well written, but the art is also very well done with very clean cut pictures.
  • Nicely done!

    So i expected less fun from this episode, but i was wrong! They did it on its maximum and put everything I've wanted from this fight. I can't wait for next to see how it ends (i know what will happen but anyway). Hollow Ichigo was very good animated this time and they draw Grimmjow Pantera exactly as I imagined it. This was one of best fights in Bleach series and I want to see more of Grimmjow in the future may be against Ulquiorra or some of rest Espada or even against Aizen himself. We have to wait and we will see.I'll cross my fingers for good end of this season and more from Grimmjow.
  • This might just be the most primal and brutal fight the show has ever given us. It's taken over 100 episodes, but with #166, Bleach is back in fine form, and it's about damn time, too!

    I just finished watching the most recent episode of Bleach. Let me tell you, keeping up with anime is like a chore sometimes. It's easy for shows like Cowboy Bebop and Mushi-Shi, two of the best anime out there, because not only are they 26 episodes, but each episode is like it's own seperate story that is all somehow tied together to a bigger picture. But if you chose to ignore the bigger picture, hell yeah, you could definitely enjoy the shows.

    Not so with Shonen-style anime. Stuff like One Piece, Bleach and Naruto (Shippuuden, too) are a commitment. Fans sit through stupid, boring filler arcs only to have the main story pick up at a snail's pace. I used to love Bleach, but after the Baunt story arc I wasn't feeling it so much, especially with the final showdown being so lame. But as the story picked up again, we got with more stupid filler, though it was with the current enemies. But still, LAME! Weekly episodes are great, but not when it isn't that amazing.

    But for some reason, for Bleach 166, they took three weeks off. I'm going to say this now, with Chad learning "La Muerte" with his "Izquierda del Diablo" and then getting his ass whooped, some characters are saying "he can't be dead" and he better not be! Chad is my favorite good guy! (Of course, if you know me well enough, my favorite character in the whole show is none other than Kon!) That's when the show's dramatic side picked up, but the fights have mostly been lame, with the exception of Rukia's dramatic showdown against Espada 9 (he had some really hard name that I can't remember), and her possible death. But with 166 it was different. This is the best episode of Bleach released yet. It's a pure, non-stop fight and it's just so freaking amazing! It makes the previous fights seem amateurish by comparison.

    No, this is what all anime should be like. I'm not talking about story here, there was NONE in this episode. I'm talking about animation, direction, editting. I mean, geez, they pulled all the stops. Not only is the fight the most brutal one yet in the entire show, but the way everyone moves, it just feels more fluid than other anime. Everything flows, but with the shot placements, the dramatic (I know I've used this word like three times) editting, the fight holds more and more meaning. You don't have to have seen the previous 165 episodes to know what's going on, nor the episodes before the fight to see what's going. It's two guys fighting to see who wants it more. Sure, technically one could argue that Ichigo is fighting to protect, but that's a load of bull.

    Even the cinematography for this episode was just top-notch. This wasn't some stupid fight with just people talking and then occasionally jumping at one another to attack. No, everything was caught, every movement. These were two guys who pushed themselves to see who is stronger. A fight to the death, and I don't think I've ever seen it done this well in a fantasy type anime. Of course, in a more realistic anime, I'd say Samurai Champloo might just take the cake. But for a shonen title, Bleach literally just raised the bar for everything, including itself.

    Just watching Ichigo as a Vizard and Grimmjaw (Espada 6) with his released form was insane! A lot of people keep on gushing over Ulquiorra, but Grimmjaw has ALWAYS been my favorite Espada. his personality is just sick and cool all at once! But his released form, Pantera, makes him an agile killer. He fights with his body, every hit is a physical one. That captures the action. I'm tired of fireballs named certain titles being shot at people (I'm also tired of Zsayel Aporro, Espada 8, I wish Renji and Ishida would just kick his ass already!), but this episode was brutal, with dramatic (again!) cuts, editting, shots. The focus was mainly on the two fighters hurting one another. The animation just flowed for this episode, it was a single, coherent vision, not some broken up "OK, let's follow these two guys for five minutes than switch to the next two characters for five minutes! THE FANS'LL LOVE IT!" Nah, this was all bomb. For reasons which I can't even explain to myself (maybe it was the editting) the episode's fight reminded me of the fight scenes in Fight Club.

    Look, I don't care if you're an anime fan or not. I don't care if you're a Bleach fan or not. If you LOVE action, I can guarantee you that you will love this episode of Bleach for what it is.

    But even so, I was kind of sad to see it end. It's only the first half of the fight, but after seeing the preview and hearing my favorite Espada say his lines, I'm stoked as all hell for the next episode. "I hate it. When you look at me with those condescending eyes, it makes me sick! I'm gonna slaughter every one of you!" This might be the final episode of my favorite bad guy in the show. He better go out with a bang! Episode 166 has not only raised my expectation for this show, but it's rekindled my faith and interest in it as well. This was the kind of episode I needed to see, that I've been waiting to see.
  • In a nutshell: Remember how Awesome the episodes where Ichigo was fighting Byakuya were? This episode might just be better

    This episode starts off great all killer no filler well except for later but I'll get to that. Grimmjaw Jaggerjack and Ichigo (Hollow Form) are going at it in what's looks like an homage to a DBZ fight sequence. Grimmjaw's release doesn't dissapoint and Ichigo has a suprise for everyone reguarding his hollow mask. This might be taking it to far but I loved this fight so much it brought me to borderline orgasm but that's just me. It might also be the three week wait. I was expecting a double episode since we had to wait three weeks and I was also secretly hoping for an unprecedented triple but alas we only see one episode this week and it is one Hell of an episode. Towards the end Orihime remembers her brother behind his hollow mask and compares Ichigo to him and begins to fear Ichigo this is the only somewhat dull part of the episode even still though it's breif and there's more Getsuga Tenshou to be had. Episodes Like this are the whole reason why I watch bleach.
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