Season 3 Episode 4

Overcome the Limits!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 16, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • At least we know everyone is safe.

    Although the previous episode ended hinting that Ishida may have been killed, he is shown later on to be held captive and alive for interrogation. Other than Ichigo's training session to summon his Bankai, not one major thing happened in this episode besides a bunch of minor filler stuff, like the third officer of the fourth squad speaking openly about the fourth squads traffic of injured death gods, and Orihime being captured by the eleventh squad. It was reassuring though to see Ganji, Ishida, and Chad all bandaged up, even if they are in prison. It makes me wonder how much money Bleach saves from all of these flashbacks though.
  • A mixture of stuff happens in this epi

    Ishida is going to rescue Rukia when a bad guy makes him fall asleep and Renji is thinking about all the good times he had with Rukia and he breaks out of his cell. Meanwhile, Ichigo has stabbed a dummy which brings Zangetsu into the real world and Ichigo has to make Zangetsu submit in three days in order to acheive Bankai. There are a lot of swords to pick from, but only one is strong enough to make Zangetsu submit. Will Ichigo find it? Orihime is held prisoner and Ishida wakes up to find him in a cell with Ganju and Chad. Will they escape? Will Ichigo acheive Bankai? Will he play dirty?

    The answer is ... I don't know!