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    Since the dub is starting and I expect this forum to get a lot busier I have decided to set down some rules. If these rules are not followed expect your post to be edited, locked or deleted without warning.

    -Please stay on topic, this is a forum about Bleach so all topics should have something to do with Bleach.

    -No asking about where to get downloads and consquently no posting of links to sites that provide downloads.

    -No spoilers in thread titles and use spoiler tags in threads unless the thread title specifies that there will be spoilers in the thread. An explaination on how to use spoiler tags can be found here:

    -Absolutely no spoilers past current Dub episode in threads specifed for the Dub broadcast of episode.
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    Since there seems to be some confusion on image posting, please make sure you are aware of the following:

    1) Due to server issues and hot link images, total height of all images in a post should not exceed typically 500 pixels. Overly large images that cause excessive scrolling are considered Disruptive, per the terms of Services. HTML img coding can be used to resize an image.

    2) Any images posted at must be "workplace safe." For this purposes of this forum, and given users can be as young as 13, this means that an image can be brought up on a junior high school computer terminal without a teacher objecting.

    For more info on the Terms of Service, see here, specifically the following that are not allowed:

    Message posts or topic titles that force browsers to scroll horizontally or excessively vertically


    Sexually suggestive or nearly nude images that are judged inappropriate by Moderators or Administrators - As a general guideline, this refers to images that would be censored on network television, in a daily newspaper, or in an office
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