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Most Annoying Bleach Character

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    they only annoy me as they exist and that they are boring filler characters. fullbringers are a waste of space so far. the only ones that have any promise are tsukishima and game master and maybe king bradly. but even then they really just felt like bount and i doubt they will even be around after the arcs over.

    as for main/semi main character wise i'd say chad as he's worthless and has done nothing useful in the entire series. minor would be hisagi kira omaeda rangikuand ikkaku. ikkaku stopped being cool after he didn't use his bankai and i'm just really bored with zaraki kenpachi light already. rangiku just doesn't do anything useful besides be hot though i have hopes for her at least using her bankai but really there are better characters to spend time on so many that i wouldn't care if she didn't come back. hisagi and kira are just boring as hell lt's and their weapons are pretty much even more boring. though at least kira's has a power though its completly nerfed by just dodging it or having a sword/ability that doesn't require physical form.

    sometimes i just feel like killing most of the cast. heck the only reason i even want toshiro and renjiaround is to see the complete version of his bankai. byakuya i'm tired of seeing own everything. i really rather have the other captains and characters like isshin kisuke and yoruichi step up and take the reigns.

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    Watching the later arcs puts Omaeda up there. Every time, EVERY time he does something worthy of praise, he does something to mess it all up.

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    Some I think are annoyingly funny, other I think are just ANNOYING!!!! (please don't hate me!!)

    Chizuru: only because she takes the lesbian act way to seriouslywith the hugging of other girls' boobs (though I admit, it's hilarious!!!!!Laughing).Keigo: only because he's loud and obnoxious(in a funny sort of way).Mizuho: only because she's mean to her brother (but I can't stop laughing when she does).Jinta: only because he's mean to Ururu (Now that's just mean).Don Kanonji: no excuse, I think he's just annoying!!!Marechiyo Omaeda: his attitude about himself annoys me, and he thinks he's such a hot shotYelland all he does it eat.Mayuri Kurotsuchi: I highly doubt an explanation is needed, but just in case, he's rude,ignorant, sadistic, and just plain freaky (plus I have a fear of clowns).Charlotte Chuhlhourne: *shudders*

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    I guess I should update my list of persons I don't like to include Kaname Tosen, who I had no opinion of until he used his resurrecion, the Vandenreich guy who's name is apparently Quilge Opie, and most of Xcution. Especially Jinjo. Er... Grunge-o. Gamzee? Grincho? Groucho? Steven? Whatever.

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