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    [1]Jun 22, 2011
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    This may be premature, since we don't really know a ton about Fullbring yet, but I thought it might be fun to have a thread similar to What is your bankai?, but about Fullbring.

    My Fullbring would produce food: generally cookies, but it would depend on the intended target. If it were for an enemy, it would produce a delicious version of one of their favorite foods, only enhanced with poison--more or less potent depending on the malice detected. But for friends, it would produce a tasty meal or snack that would replenish their strength.

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    The power to put people to sleep. It can be used nonviolently and as protection. Plus it'll help on nights you toss and turn.

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    [3]Jun 29, 2011
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    This one is for you, YM.

    My Fullbring would produce Muppets. For friends and associates, the muppets would be fun and playful muppets - Kermit, Animal, Fozzie, Beaker, the Sweedish Shief, Dr Bunsin...all of the greats. The muppets would dance and sing and entertain to the point of existential euphoria. And all would rejoice. ahhh, bu tfor enemies, it would just be Statler and Waldorf, who would critique and debate the badness of the enemy, and with sardonic condemnations, enemies would become so distraught and self-loathing, that they would give up out of pure dejection.

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    [4]Jul 5, 2011
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    ST'Q!!!! You rock. ♥ Thank you, I was having a crappy moment until I read that. XD
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    [5]Apr 22, 2012
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    This is from another message board that I post on.

    Name: Queen of the Insects

    Appearance: Two braclets both with four pieces of different insects. The want for strength and power gives me the ability to bring my jewelry to life allowing me to borrow an insect's powers. Whichever insect I'm thinking of is what I will use at the time. Each insect lets me perform a different action and set of dance like moves. Release: I pull off a jeweled insect from one of my braclets, it transforms to either attack or defend.

    1st Ability: Cha Cha Ant. While I move forward as if dancing the cha cha a small weapon resembling an ant's pinchers are held in my hands. I move fast towards the opponent(s). From a distance you'd think I was dancing in fact I'm targeting. My right hand aims and stings the back of the opponent(s) shoulder blade. If they try to attack than my ant like strength will put mass pressure on the area that I grab onto causing damage to the area. The opponent's right hand is stung and the left foot is twisted back, than jerked forward and the same happens to the right foot. Making standing difficult as the feet come close to breaking.

    2nd Ability: Butterfly Trot. My movements change again to another form of dance. This time my pincher weapon is replaced with a sticky tube with suction power. The sticky tube jets out from my hand and squeezes around the opponent(s) on any part of the body. What ever part of the body is wrapped with the sticky tube is drained of water. Joints are drained of fluids causing joint friction. The lining of the stomach isn't protected causing the acids within the body to erode away from the inside.

    3rd Ability: Tsetse Step. This ability unlike the first 2nd involves nearly no movement on my part. I quickly move my right foot forward, my left foot to the left, slide my right foot to my left and send the flies on my opponent(s). They don't stop until they've made skin contact with the target(s). This causes a serious infection in the central nervous system, but happens instantly as opposed to slowly. Once the flies are on they will painfully bite you. The parasite goes into the nervous system from the blood system passing over the lymph. The parasite reproduces in the blood. Confusion happens followed by becoming mentally impaired, loss of appetite and difficulty in walking due to serve numbing in the legs. The victim(s) will become lisless, and slip into a coma that last for 3 days.

    Defensive abilities:

    1st ability: Blistering Desert Rumba. A colony of blister beetles are gathered around my body, except for my eyes and mouth. They take any hits directed at me and superimpose them onto a false shielding/skin coding on my body. The ones on my legs swamp faster than those around my upper body. If one is killed than two more appear to take it's place. Which ever part of the body is attacked than a blistering beetle will appear around the same area of the enemy(ies) slowing down their attacks making them stop when I'm done dancing. Once I've finished the dance the false skin is removed and my energy is restored. I move in a quick motive, side to side and back and forth, but not in any attacking movements.

    2nd ability: Sambing Cicada. Soundwaves and vibrations are used by the cicadas to block any noise or wave of any kind. The song of the cicada isn't heard, which is why it's a defensive ability.

    3rd ability: Swinging Mosquitoes The last defensive ability. They block any attack that could effect my blood and take the damage. All as I swing to dodge. When all else fails than one of the two finals are used.


    1st ability: The Lady's Tango. A group of ladybugs will form around my body the same amount will go to the opponent(s). The ones on them are replicas of the ones on me. I move in a circle using my arms and legs to block and dodge. Moving to the sides to avoid attacks. There's anywhere from twenty to five hundred on me and just as much on my attacker(s). Depending on the severity of the attack determines the amount of dots that show on the ladybugs. No matter the amount that they get the attack is magnified by anywhere from one to five hundred fold back.

    2nd ability: Waltzs Wasps. They'd never harm me, but they will kill my enemy(ies) if I'm on the verge of dying. They attack at a much faster rate than the ladybugs. Which are more defensive first before being offensive. They aren't like regular wasps. their pollen is the same as the energy from the attacker(s). The more that they sting and rub the more energy that's taken away. So much that it's worse than when they take pollen. Leaving a husk of a dead body or bodies of the enemy(ies).

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