Season 3 Episode 21

Gather Together! Group of the Strongest Shinigami

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 20, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • The troubling conclusion of the adventure in Soul Society arc even if Ichigo and company managed to save the girl.

    *Possible Spoilers*
    I just love this anime- for the most part it follows the manga, and I just love that. Even though I expected the ending of Aizen, Tosen and Gin to be the way it was, I was still hoping for a slight twist somewhere- maybe a last attempt to get them back as they were escaping from Soul society, but they stayed faithful. I loved the death scene where Byakyua was with his wife. It was such a beautiful scene and the character actor's voice- both in the Japanese and English dubbed, you could feel how much pain Byakuya was in when Hisana was dying and the confusion he felt when Rukia was ordered to be put to death. Kudos to the voice actors-This was freaking great episode.
  • Byakuya has....feelings?

    Ambitious and power hungry antagonists like Aizen are nothing new in literature, yet you can never really get enough of them. It's already been an episode and a half already since Aizen started explaining his evil plot to everyone, but he still continues on with the explanation! And it's not that it was dragged out, it was that long! Aizen has highlighted the past couple of episodes, though Byakuya actually showed emotion in this episode. Go figure right? It was a nice flashback though compared to the rest of the stuff Bleach usually offers. From having a robotic personality to being a confused individual who is torn between feelings and logic, it really added depth to his character. Though it's quite ironic that Aizen is talking about heaven when soul society is supposed to be heaven itself.
  • Reconciliation and the beginning of a new chapter.

    Aizen reveals the plot behind his plan to obtain the Hougyoku. He successfully obtains the Hougyoku, but the rest of the captains and vice captains try to arrest Aizen. Aizen, Gin, and Tosen are rescued by a bunch of Menos Grandes and something much more bigger and powerful.

    As the episode is coming to a conclusion, Orihime is healing Ichigo while the rest of the squads tend to their fallen comrades. A senior member of Squad 5 orders some subordinates to help Ichigo. But Squad 4's captian, Unohana, tells them they are in no need of help.

    Byakuya reveals a startling truth to Rukia, explaining why he adopted her.
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