Season 7 Episode 12

Grimmjow's Revival

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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With Urahara's help the gateway is opened and Ichigo begins his journey to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Ishida. In Hueco Mundo, Orihime is given tasks to demonstrate the extent of her power.

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  • Interesting!

    Look at all the good things that happen when there are no fillers bringing the canon stuff down. Hopefully I didn't jinx it though. The beginning scene in Los Noches really started off things great; such as the explanation of Orihime's powers and Grimmjow's revival. I thought Luppi would have gone down in battle, but seeing Grimmjow kill him was pretty damn badass. Not much happened throughout the remainder of the episode aside from establishing the trio of Ishida, Ichigo, and Chad on their trip to Hueco Mundo, but seeing the fathers of Ichigo and Ishida have a confrontation really added some depth and backstory, such as the fact that they have a history together and you're wondering what their past connections are.moreless
  • So good, but so short.

    Another great episode. This will sound silly but my only complaint is that it's just so short. I know, I just have to learn to be patient. It would be great if they could somehow focus less attention on the main characters and not so much on the secondary ones. But those who deeply analyze enjoy having those microscopic details that tell so much about the characters.. It's just that during that time, we don't get to see as much of Ichigo, Rukia, etc. /end rant Back to business. I'm happy to see that Grimmjow is back to full power. Cause I want to see him get hi derriere kicked by Ichigo, with no possible excuse/limitation. I really am looking fwd to that one. Orihime could have said more, but her actions spoke loud enough.

    Luppi getting killed was a good move, since I thought he was kinda goofy and wasn't really adding much. So by killing him, we see how badass Grimmjow is. Also the encounter between Ichigo's dad and Ishida's dad was cool. So we know there is history there. But we're left hanging. Having to wait 7 days for more details..moreless
  • I do not know why the writers have decided to give a stupid pill to Orihime but it is getting annoying.

    I do not know why the writers have decided to give a stupid pill to Orihime but it is getting annoying. You would think they could come up with a better way to display her powers than to heal Grimmjow (the one she knows has sworn to kill Ichigo) to his full strength and then later wonder if she did the right thing.

    Well enough of that. Ichigo, Chad and Ishida are now on the road to Hueco Mundo thanks to Urahara who was very active this episode from allowing Ichigo's friends secretly see him leave, to letting Ishida know about Orihime and the loophole that would allow him to help, yes very busy indeed. I was also interesting so see Ichigo's and Ishida"s dads talking and hearing that Ichigo's dad has his powers back. I look forward to hearing more about that relationship.moreless
  • Ichigo, Chad and Ishida part for Hueco Mundo. Grimmjow gets his arm healed and his place restored as the 6th espada and we see an interesting confrontation between 2 fathers.

    It was again an episode with little action, only Grimmjow who slaughters Luppi, but overall it was pretty decent stuff. The 3 are going to arive into Hueco Mundo pretty quick now. The "humoristic parts" were not really that interesting but i guess that is the nature of Bleach.

    The healing of Grimmjow's arm was very cool and makes everything so exciting, cause you just know that Grimmjow wants to fight Ichigo, that is inevitable. And the way he killed Luppi was so easy, makes you think he is pretty strong. I can't wait to see him in his released form.

    And then last but certainly not least, the meeting between Ichigo's and Ishida's dads. That was just great. It's obvious they have a history together and they are quite similar. They both raise there kids alone and they both have the same powers as their sons. I really want to see Ichigo's reaction when he finds out, and i want to see Isshins real power. Well so much to wait, and i think that next week we will get some more action. So man it keeps getting better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Watch Grimmjow's mouth just before he hits Luppi with a Cero. When he says "Damn right...", the words are out of sync with his mouth movements. The words come out almost 1 second after his mouth starts moving.

    • In the manga, Grimmjow impaled Luppi on his restored arm and blasted his upper torso away with a Cero, much like in this episode, but it is more graphically shown.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Grimmjow: Hey woman, heal one more spot.
      (Orihime heals Grimmjow's no.6)
      Luppi: What do you think you're doing ,Grimmjow?!
      Grimmjow: Ehhhh?
      (Grimmjow rams his restored arm through Luppi)
      Luppi: Grimmjow, you bastard!
      Grimmjow: Damn right! See you later, Former 6....!
      (Grimmjow kills Luppi with a Cero)

    • Urahara: You heard him. Why don't you come out now?
      Keigo: Um.. when did you notice we were here?
      Urahara: Since before you came in. I knew you guys were folowing Kurosaki-san so I left the door open on purpose.

    • Aizen: It seems that there are some who don't approve of bringing you here. Isn't that right, Luppi?
      Luppi: Obviously. Our entire battle was just a diversion so that we could bring this single girl here. There's no way I could approve of that.
      Aizen: I'm sorry. I hadn't predicted that you would get beaten up so badly.

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