Season 3 Episode 7

Hitsugaya, Howl!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 06, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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The battle between Hitsugaya and Ichimaru Gin begins. Meanwhile, it is announced that Rukia's execution has been brought forward and will take place in 29 hours and Ichigo starts his 2nd day of training.

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  • Damn, Hitsugaya is awesome.

    Wanna know why Hitsugaya is always consistently ranked as one of the most favourite characters, if not the most favourite, in character polls? It's because he's just so frikkin badass and awesome, and Tite Kubo did an awesome job on his character design. Here I'm just laying on my living room couch watching this episode and it starts off with this awesome battle between Captains Ichimaru Gin and Hitsugaya Toushiro. I sat up for the rest of the episode. Hitsugaya alone made this a great episode, although it would be rude to not acknowledge the ever evolving story that continues to get interesting. Aizen's letter really makes you question its authenticity. How much of is it true? And with the execution date moved up to a little over twenty four hours, it leaves you in suspense of what is going to happen next.moreless
  • great battle going on

    This episode was really one of the favorites in the series and ive watched 157 episodes.gin and the captain begin a pivital battles over momo and gin's murdering of the the captain.Ginn kinda of scares me sometimes the way he always looks happy even though hes really just plain evil on the inside.this time was no exception. all through out the battles gin;s expression never changed.he was just smiley smiley smiley. come on gimme a break.i can understand some small evil smiles and that eye expression sometimes but not everytime he shows up.the captain is one of my fave characters and gin is my favorite. even tho he has that freakish look.good episode.moreless
  • Why Bleach is the best anime I've seen.

    AFter watching the battle between Ichi and Ken. I thought that no battle could get better than that. Though once I saw Ichimaru and Hitsugaya start to face off, I knew this duel would be better. Ichimaru is my favorite character, and to see the duel between the two captans was just amazing. The rest of the episode was good, also sort of showing a relationship-type of thing that could be looming around Ichimaru and Matsumoto. Very intresting episode, and I can\'t wait to keep going!moreless
  • A battle between Ichimaru Gin(3rd squad captain) and Hitsugaya(10th squad captain) rages as the main issue in this episode. (even though they got interrupted in the middle)

    This is where I first truly noticed Hitsugaya. He's known as the 'Genius who appears once every few hundred years', according to Gin. And even though Gin says he's regretting his actions, or he should have put more thought into it before setting into action, his smirk just doesn't wipe off his face. And since they didn't manage to finish their battle this time because Gin suddenly decided to attack Hinamori instead, I wish that there would be a re-match between them in the near future. Hitsugaya's voice talent, as I noticed seems to be the same as Tao Ren from Shaman King.moreless
Kouji Yusa

Kouji Yusa

Ichimaru Gin

Recurring Role

Kumi Sakuma

Kumi Sakuma

Hinamori Momo

Recurring Role

Matsutani Kaya

Matsutani Kaya

Matsumoto Rangiku

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Kon's Guide: Previous head of the Onmitsukido Shihonin Yoruichi - Turn into a cat!

    • This is the first episode where the audio track to the coming preview has relevance to the episode.

    • Ichimaru's sword is a different length than when he battles Ichigo outside the gate.

    • Hitsugaya's Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru, is the strongest ice and water type zanpakuto in all of Soul Society. It is released in this episode, with a cry of "souten ni zase", or "Set upon the Frosted Heavens". In the english version he shouts: "Rain over the Frosted, Frozen Sky!"

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Izuru: But, Captain Ichimaru...
      Gin: Better move back, Izuru. Unless... you feel like dying.
      (Izuru gasps)
      Hitsugaya: Don't be stupid, Izuru. Just moving back isn't going to be enough. In a few minutes, I promise you you're not going to want to be within ten square miles of this place. So start running and don't look back!

    • Rangiku: Captain!
      Hitsugaya: The execution, and the release of Sokyoku's power... If Gin really is the one behind this, then there's no way I can just stand by and let his plan go forward. Let's go Rangiku, you know what we have to do... stop the execution.

    • Renji: I take it that's the true form of your zanpakuto there with you? So, you're hiding out here and secretly training for Bankai, are you? Looks like fun to me!
      (Ichigo gasps)
      Renji: Let me train along with you.
      Ichigo: Renji...
      Renji: You seem to have that "what are you doing here" look. Hell, I guess I can't blame you for wondering. But the fact is I'm not here for any special reason. It's just that we're outta time now, so I needed someplace where I could concentrate and train in peace, just like you.
      Ichigo: What do you mean "we're outta time"? What the hell are you talkin' about?
      Renji: Well all right, I guess I can at least tell you that much. It's about Rukia's execution. They've changed the time.
      Ichigo: Changed the time!?
      Renji: They've announced it's going to be at noon... noon tomorrow.

    • Yoruichi: Noon tomorrow!? No way... There's no way he can reach Bankai that quickly.
      Ichigo: What? You're just gonna give up on me then? Come on, Yoruichi. You're the one who started me on this training program. It was your idea, so you can't be the first one to quit on it.
      Yoruichi: Ichigo, no! What if tomorrow comes and you still can't achieve Bankai!?
      Ichigo: We can't waste time worrying about what-ifs! Failure is no longer an option. If they have changed the deadline to tomorrow... then the only option there is is to finish training today!

  • NOTES (2)