Season 6 Episode 11

Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyorinmaru

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Hitsugaya, Renji, and Matsumoto continue their battles, but all of them are struggling. However, things change when the limits placed on the Soul Reapers' powers are released, and the Arrancar must face a captain at full strength. Meanwhile, Ichigo is forced to use Bankai in his battle against Grimmjow.moreless
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  • Ririn, Cloud, Nova, please get lost.

    Another action packed episode, but this episode suffers a little bit from Dragon Ball Z syndrome. In many of the fights, they are usually one sided with the superior fighter just kicking back or toying with their opponent. Definitely the case here with all four of the fights in favour of the Arrancar. It's not so much shocking that the soul reapers are losing badly, but that it gets a bit boring after a while and the process decides to repeat itself through the remainder of this episode. It wasn't all that bad, but what brings this episode a few notches down is how Ririn, Cloud, and Nova just had to find a way to get involved.moreless
  • This is the most exciting episode I've seen in a long while.

    This is an intense episode and it looks like they prepared us for it by making the previous one not so action packed. This is like a forte and extreme build up and I must say after watching this I couldnot wait at all for the next episode. This is the BEST and most exiting episode I have seen in a while and if the next episode feed on this it would be possible the greatest episode ever. This is the ultimate build up episode which sets the stage for many episodes to come and it really increased my attention and interest to the series which had been waning for the last little while. Now it it back to full strenght and much more. This is the LIMIT BREAK episode!!!moreless
  • Another action packed Bleach episode. Includes scenes from the fight between Renji & arrancar 15 (Ilfort) and Capt. Hitsugaya & arrancar 11 (Shawlong). Also includes the first few scenes of Ichigo vs Grimmjow. Worth watching a few times.moreless

    This week's episode of Bleach is one filled with fight scenes. We see clips from both Captain Hitsugaya's fight and Renji's fight as well. We also see the first few moments of Ichigo's fight against Grimmjow. The episode (and season) cliffhangs with Hitsugaya, Renji, and Rangiku all having their limits (the one placed on them by soul society, due to being vice captain or higher) removed. Yet another great episode, one worth watching a few times over.

    For the readers of the manga, try not to wince during Renji's fight. Cloud, Nova, and Ririn (the 3 mod souls from the Bounto filler arc) all jump in during Renji's fight, only to be made short work of by arrancar 15 before they can do any damage to their opponent. The "other" help Renji gets during the fight still occurs, so besides the few seconds that were changed, this episode still follows the manga's script.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Hitsugaya was battling with Koga. When he was in his bankai, the whole entire ice flower disappeared at a certain time. When he was battling Shawlong, it was only one petal of the flower that disappeared at a time.

      Note: Hitsugaya's battle with Koga was a filler. The fillers do not follow the natural storyline and usually have many things out of place. Such as rules, limits, attacks, art style, strength, logic, characters etc. Most things that happen in the fillers are qualfied as irrelevent and unimportant to the normal storyline as they only cause confusion. Anime follows the manga, in the manga Koga doesn't exist and thus Hitsugaya never fought him.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Ichigo is being beaten back by Grimmjow)
      Ichigo: Damn it!
      Grimmjow: (Bored) Hey, Shinigami, quit yankin' my chain. I don't wanna waste my time killing you as you are now. I'm giving you a break so you can get your Bankai out! Do it, or I'm gonna punch you full of holes like I did to that Shinigami over there!
      Ichigo: (Pissed off) Bastard!

    • Shawlong: (To Hitsugaya) A captain-class fighter uses bankai and this is it? I'm so disappointed. Apparently I picked the wrong one after all.

    • Matsumoto: We've got permision to break the restriction.
      Hitsugaya: It finally came?
      Renji : It's about damn time!

    • (Ururu kicks Illforte, and he lands a few yards away)
      Illforte: The hell? Who the hell are you?!
      (Ururu grabs his throat)
      Ururu: Dangerous. You are dangerous. You are a threat to us. Threats are the enemy. Enemies...must be eliminated.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Japanese Title: 日番谷散る!砕けた氷輪丸
      Romaji Title: Hitsugaya chiru! Kudaketa Hyōrinmaru

    • Ururu has an innate sense of who's a threat, and thereby is able to use her superhuman strength to overpower Arrancar Eleven for a short while. This is the first time Ururu uses her force on a real enemy.

    • Shinigami Golden: Kon in Hanatarō's body is running away from some angry Shinigami. He then realizes that he has a Zanpakutō, and tries to cut one of the Shinigami with it, but it doesn't cut. The real Hanatarō explains that his zanpakutō doesn't cut, but rather heals wounds. Realizing this, the Shinigami take advantage of this and start beating him up.

    • This would mark the first really appearance of Hanatarō's Zanpakutō Hisagomaru. Which is a very unique one, before it is released it heals every causes.

    • Any Espada (numbers 1-10) can assume command over any Arrancar under them (11 and on).

    • Arrancar Ranking:
      1-10 are Espeda and they are in the in order of strongest to weakest. 11 and up are in the order they are created after the Espeda have been set.

    • First time in the Bleach anime where the Vice Captains and Captains, limiter symbol is shown. Also first time they released the ban on there power.

    • Espada is spanish for sword.

    • It seems that the Limit Release tattoos so far are:

      Flower: For the 6th squad.
      Helm: For the 10th squad.