Season 6 Episode 14

Ichigo, Complete Hollowification!?

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • A training episode...not

    Most shounens are prone to an excessive amount of dialogue. Not hard to see why with the way mangas are formatted, but these anime directors do a poor job of making the transition smooth. It's nice they follow the manga religiously but at the same time at the expense of entertainment. Basically this episode just featured too much talking that it got a yawn out of me--something that I did often at least once per episode in the Bount arc. Now what shounens do to compensate for this is a lot of action. Too bad that was pretty minimal in this episode.
  • Basically it was good but i was confused why they made hiyori train him and not either shinji or kensei or maybe Mashiro

    I liked this episode. Ichigo had to fight his inner hollow (zangetsu) and do that within 60 mins or else he became full hollows and they would have had to kill him. But he completed it just in time before lisa had to go again. But what i dont get is why hiyori had to train with him because they should have made shinji train with him or kensei because then it wouldn't have taken so long because i believe they are stronger then hiyori.(I don't know for sure but kensei was part of the soul society i believe sq. 9 captain adn shinji was captain of sq.5)
  • Ichigo starts his training in order to supress his inner hollow.He must do that in 60 mins. or he will fully become a hollow and be killed. He succeeds in suppressing it with really good action scenes.

    It was exciting watching Ichigo fight against "zangetzu" the other ichigo looking figure.It was awesome when he turned into the hollow in full form,he is pretty darn powerful.I want him to fully control that so that he can kick some arrancar butt.Its interesting to know that the vizards knew about Aizen's plans all along.
  • This episode is focused around Ichigo learning how to control his inner hollow. The vizard test Ichigo to see if he is "good enough" to join them; they begin to show him how to control his hollow.

    This episode was all about building tension leading up to the growth in power for many of the people on "Ichigo's side." Overall it was a good episode; it was interesting, silly, informative, and contained some good action. Next week's episode (tomorrows... as it is 05/01 currently) will be great to watch after seeing much development in this one.
  • Silly, but Tite Kubo is getting the hang of awkward moments and momentary lapses in drama. In a good way.

    I am going to feel strange reviewing backward right now. Anyway, this episode gave us a much larger impression of the Vizard - manipulative, but nevertheless a nice (gangster-like) family that seems relatively concerned for Ichigo. Or might be using him. But that just makes us salivating for more. Lots of angry Ichigo art here, and fast transformations into (for example) Ichigo's hollow side, the rescue of Hiyori (the frame where all the Vizard minus Hiyori surround Ichigo is really nice...), and Shinji's errr, quick mood change after Ichigo destroys the (yes, super) machine thing. Though, as some reviewer has said, nothing actually really happened that was plot-wrenching, Bleach is becoming cleverly planned and drawn. I like this episode. A lot.
  • A great episode that leaves you waiting a week for the next one. (Minor Spoiler Warning)

    This was a yet another great episode to watch that leads you at a cliffhanger of Ichigo about to fight his Hollow form. I'm glad that Ichigo has stopped whining about how he can't help anyone and being afraid of his hollow form. The scene with Ichigo on Hiyori's exercise machine had me bawling reminding me of the Gazelle workout infomercial. The episode also builds character depth on the Vizard members with the fat one being able to make barriers. The episode has great potential in adding to the series. I can't wait until the next episode comes out. Overall it was a good even though the next one is going to be much better. Thank you for reading my review this was the first one I have ever made.
  • Let the training begin!!! After their latest battle with the arrancar, all sides are licking their wounds and plotting their next moves, and Ichigo is no exception, taking the first steps to controlling his inner hollow.

    Another superb episode that leaves you wanting more and saying "can't wait until next week". The beginning of the Vaizard training as well as the Vaizard hijinks. Adding much needed lighter situations and (somewhat vulgar) humor to what has been a very dark period for the Bleach warriors. Apparantly the Vaizard know more about Aizen and company than we were initially lead to believe by Hirako's somewhat aloof personality, and they have been scouting Ichigo for some time now. The seriousness of the situation escalates toward the end of the episode when we see the return of Hollow Ichigo, and the battle of the Bankai's getting ready to begin.
  • Ichigo begins his training to learn to control his inner hollow. He once again goes into Zangetsu's world and fights with the hollow in there.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was really good. You get to see Ichigo in his hollow form, and that's always enjoyable in my opinion. It is definitely key to the series. It explains a lot about Ichigo's sword's world and the relationship between the hollow and Zangetsu. Once again, it's a cliff hanger. It leaves you not waiting for next weeks episode. I suggest watching this episode. It's pretty action packed, has some key points and explanations for the series, and is suspenseful. It also shows how strong Ichigo is and what potential he has if he can harness his strength.
  • This thing sucked wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    I think that this is one of the worst episodes of bleach ever!!!!!! because nothing happened I watched it through and through but nooo i am a real real real real real real real real real real real real real big fan of the show that has come to be called bleach but . . . .. . . . . . . I think that it has some real real real bad episodes = - ( but when it has a good episode its not just good its real good so overall i say this episode realy really sucked . .n wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet me horney
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