Season 8 Episode 1

Ichigo Strikes Back! This Is My Bankai

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Better.

    Compared to the previous episode the action has sped up, a little. That alone makes this episode a lot better, but there were still a lot of room for improvement. For one the fact that we knew Ichigo could have easily killed this dude but refuses to because he wants to converse his energy felt like it was a waste of time just waiting for him to get out of his stubbornness. Nel and her ability to absorb attacks and then redirect them at her opponents is a nice twist, but other than that, this is just an average episode.
  • Ichigo transforms into his hollow form to defeat Dordonni.

    Finally in Bankai form, Ichigo learns taht it still may not be enough to defeat Dordonni. When Nel gets injured from his own stubborness, Ichigo realizes that if he dosen't transform into a hollow, Nel might be subject to more attacks. Ichigo then unleashes his most powerful weapon, his hollow form. In his newly impowered state, Ichigo is easily able to defeat his former Espada opponent in one move. Even after threatening to hurt Nel, Ichigo's kind heart won't allow him to abandon Dordonni after receiving that much damage. His only solution is to have Nel vomit on him.
  • Ichigo and Dordonii contiue there fight and it looks like Dordonii is winning

    Dordonni wants Ichigo to use his full strength but Ichigo is being to stubburn so Dordonii is changing his tactics and he is now targeting Nel so Ichigo is forced to use his bankai but Dordonii wants to see Ichigo Hollow form so Ichigo uses his Hollow form and defeats Dordonii with one strike and so Nel uses her healing powers to heal Ichigo and Dordonii you know this fight alot like Ichigo's fight with Ikkaku I wonder who Nel really is she really seems strong to be able to absorb a cero and shoot it back. This episode was awesome it was a little funny and the battle was amazing and we see the ending credits preview of the movie.
  • The Semi-Conclusion of Ichigo vs. Dordonii. Tensa Zangetsu plus Hollow form equals a good time.

    This episode was exciting forme because the reason I like Bleach is the evolution of how Ichigo becomes stronger. My thoughts are that every character has their own reasons for becoming stronger and that is was drives them, and in this episode Ichigo shows his Bankai to protect Nel after she saves him. I have a good feeling that Nel will repay him for saving her in the future. The fact that this fight ends and Nel heals Dordonii only for him to attack again just as the episode ends is just crap. I hate when they drage these fights out when they could show the whole thing in 23 minutes. Thats why I gave it a 9 instead of 9.5 or 10 that I usually give. Oh and the preview for the new Movie looks awesome. I wonder if will tie in with the storyline.
  • Dordonii wants to fight Ichigo at full strength and he wants to do it at all costs.

    Finally some decent fighting in this episode, i was waiting for it quite a while, i guess this was just some teaser to let us show what fights are going to come. Let's hope so. Nel keeps being funny and stuff and she has all kind of strange powers, i wonder what that's all about. The storyline will indeed be lengthened by the gang splitting up in 5 parts but that doesn't really botter me as long as they stay on the main storyline for now. Ichigo has shown that he has grown a lot stronger, during his training, hopefully he can now keep his mask on during a longer period, he will definitly need it. Really looking forward to the next episode, from now on there's action all the way. :)
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