Season 7 Episode 8

Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, the 11-Second Battle!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 05, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Ichigo continues his battle with Grimmjow but can only use his full power for 11 seconds. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya is fighting Yammy and Luppi is fighting Yumichika but when things start to look bad Urahara comes in and saves them. Ulquiorra appears before Orihime and tells her that they she needs to come with him or her friends will be killed.

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  • This is what I'm talking about!

    Right on track, the fights that Bleach is so well known for are finally here! The twist with Luppi possessing 8 arms was seen a mile away, but the way Bleach is able to come off super badass elevated that feeling more. Although Bleach is plentiful in the one dimensional characters department, at least it excels in having badass characters. The fights with Luppi were pretty average at best, but the tension that was added when Urahara appears was great, but even better was the twist with Wonderweiss being able to match up with him almost evenly. The episode suffers a bit from excessive and pointless trash talking, but after how many fights in how many episodes so far, it's something you'll have to tolerate because it's not going to change.moreless
  • This is an awesome episode. Ichigo reveals the fruits of his training and proves that he is no weakling. Hitsugaya has to face off against both Yammy and Luppi and see if he can handle Espada battles. Even Urahara makes a surprise appearance.moreless

    Of all the latest episodes, I think this one was my favorite. Hitsugaya's group gets to square off with the Espada and see if they really have what it takes. And Ichigo gets to see if he has improved enough to take on Grimmjow. This episode is full of action and there are certain parts that will cause people to freak out from the suspense. For example, when Ichigo's mask breaks, and when Matsumoto is about to be stabbed. Those kinds of parts make people fear the worst is going to happen. Especially when the tables turn in a second. Ichigo gets knocked to the ground as soon as his mask breaks and Hitsugaya is smashed when Luppi reveals his released form. It is a good episode though and I liked it.moreless
  • This and the previous episode mark the sweet return to the manga storyline and the end of fillers (for now). Good pacing, lots of action, fairly good animation, stuck fairly well to the manga scenes.moreless

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. It is so good to get back in the full swing of manga-anime goodness after all those fillers. Let's enjoy it while it lasts! (Warning: spoilers follow.)

    If you read the Bleach manga, you've probably been waiting for this episode with great anticipation. For the most part it delivers. We finally get to see our Soul Society gang's reaction to a pair of Espada, and we get to see our first Espada release courtesy of the "new" No. 6, Luppi. While that is a lot of fun, what we were really waiting for was the action by the former No. 6 and current No. 4. It was great to finally see Grimmjow's shocked reaction to Ichigo's vaizard form and the desparate battle that followed in a full-color, animated format. I was a bit disappointed with some of the facial and mask details and the slight choppiness and awkwardness of some of the sword action, but overall it was very good. Then, of course, came the satisfaction of seeing Ulquiorra do his Orihime-stalking thing and the now-infamous quote- "Come with me, woman." That was very well done, Ulquiorra's smooth but menacing voice echoing in the darkness as the "To be continued..." scrolls across the screen. Dun-dun-dun! Sweet satisfaction, and great anticipation for next week.moreless
  • the attack from the arrancar is in full affect and ichigo has to battle and win in 11 seconds

    This is my first review and got to say this was easily one of the best episodes in a while. it had so much of the action i started watching this show for. feels like the actual battles with the arrancar have been a long time comin. was well impressed that urahara fought as well even though it was only a quick glimpse. Still wondering what could be so special about orihimes powers though shes my least favourite character after kon. glad the fillers are finally over and now i cant wait until this episode is posted online so i can see what happens next.moreless
  • Big trouble for Ichigo and crew.

    Finally seeing Aizen make the first move and we figure out what exactly he wants, and it is Orihime and her power. And the way he set it up, and the way Ulquiorra worded it made it seem like a flawless plan. We finally get to see how strong Ichigo has become in his month of training. Strong enough to take on the 6th strongest Hollow in Aizen's army. Over all interesting fights, more or less because Urahara is fighting for once. Plus we get to see a new attack by an Arrancar that Urahara didn't seem to know. We also get another hint on how strong Ulquiorra really is, with just the move of his hand gravely wounds two low shinigami.moreless

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