Season 6 Episode 9

Ikkaku's Bankai! The Power That Breaks Everything

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Bankai!

    Man, this is what Bleach is about. Out of the Big 3, One Piece and Naruto may have more strategical, diverse, and creative battles, but they aren't nearly as overwhelming in testosterone and badassness. This episode is a perfect example of this. Ikkaku is gushing with blood thirsty intentions and that really fuels just how awesome this fight is. This fight just had so much personality, and it helps that the production values have been really really great too. And then the twists. The Arrancar's zankpakutou was a big one, but it is easily trumped with Ikkaku revealing that he has a bankai. After that point the emotions were just sky high. Ikkaku has instantly shot up as a favourite!
  • Ultimate banKAi thr.One of da best.Very well presented,gr8 animation work and nicely putted soundtrack.

    Although a bit slow at start but the last ten minutes are just superb to watch.More character of Ikkaku is revealed here showing how much he loves fightin being fearless . Arrancar releasing their Zanpaktou for the first time showing their true form here.
    Grimmjow entry was highlited as a high level Arrancar and was left for a very xcitin fight with Ichigo.And the difference in characters of the arrancar were shown as Grimmjow being more a ruthless and Edorad not foolishly fighting like Yamada in 114 episode.
    Much is revealed in this episode and much to be brought up in the next one.A very excitin episode to say the least.
  • For all the Ikkaku lovers, this is the episode to watch.

    This episode features Ikkaku. You get to learn a lot more about his character. We knew he liked fighting before and learn from Yumichika that Ikkaku is on par with Kenpachi since they both LOVE to fight. According to Yumichika, even though Ikkaku is only 3rd seat in his division, he's the second most powerful. And not only that, we get to see Ikkaku's initial release and his bankai. Both are pretty impressive. Of course, according to the hallow Ikkaku is up against, he's not too great with it. From a completely objective point of view, it's a great episode.
  • A main character is easily defeated, and a minor character takes the spotlight.

    Now that the Arrancar battles are going on, we see the best of the fighting sides for everyone. Although Rukia easily gets taken down quickly, she does show a lot of fighting growth from the last episode.

    The main focus on this episode is Ikkaku and his new abilities. His character hasn't changed - he's still the fight-loving soldier of Soul Society who easily gets excited in battles. However, his bag of skills are never empty. He manages to pull off a bankai even in the midst of Keigo's and Yumichika's lack of faith in his ability to survive. I just can't get over the fact how menacing his bankai is even compared to Renji's. But we're left with a cliffhanger before we can determine who the winner is (unless you've read the manga).

    On another side of town, Rukia gets taken down by Grimmjow in just one thrust of his hand and is severely injured. I hope this will be able to help Ichigo release his bankai.
  • Ikkaku fights with the Arrancar and releases both his shikai and bankai. Meanwhile, Rukia and Ichigo encounter a very dangerous Grimmjow.

    Characterization of Ikkaku definitely is revealed in this episode as he struggles in his fight against Arrancar Edorad. We've always known he loved to fight, but now we see that he's almost the twin of Zaraki Kenpachi, captain of Ikkaku's division. The art and animation of Ikkaku's battle was really well done, though the tossing and pounding of Ikkaku was a bit exaggerated for my taste. Keigo and Yumichika watching the fight adds a certain commentary that helps avoid laggy battles. As we view more of the episodes, we realize that the Arrancar have variety. Grimmjow in this episode is ruthless, compared to Ulquiorra's relatively more passive attitude. Much is revealed in this episode, and much is brought up. Exciting and addictive.