Season 6 Episode 21

Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 20, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • It's still not over?

    To be honest, I enjoyed those filler episodes with Ichigo's sisters, Don Konanji, Ururu and Jinta. They were at least funny with decent execution in terms of action. Here, the story only has decent execution and character development, but nothing else. And the fact that there is still ANOTHER filler episode due, it makes you cringe. For the most part though Shouta's development as a character is pretty decent; the explanations for his fearlessness when confronting an arrancar is at least explained, but really that's the only bright part of this episode. The ending also felt like a terrible cartoon cliche. Here's to hoping that next episode is the last to this filler arc.
  • what the ****

    is it me or is this show bullishhing? wasting time, procrastinating whateva u wanna call it? my goodness in the last like five - eight episodes that Bleach dude has not been in it to much. the last 3-4 episodes has been about that little ishh and his dead ash sister.
    was this like a four parted movie? is that boy and his sister ganna be important in the future? wha the hell was it all about him for? i wanna see bleach and the arrach things scrappp man.. i downloaded these episodes before i got to work and when i got off all i could think about was showering eating taco bell and watching some good ash cartoons but that dang bleach freaked it all up 4 me. now i am ganna have to wait for shin chan to com on "P
  • Team Hitsugaya is attacked by some Arrancar. They find out SHouta's sister is a clone. They get attacked. That's it

    It was painful to watch, not because of the borhter and sister thing, because the episode just sucked, but i dont skip episodes, i watch the fillers. Don't make fun of me cuz i watch the fillers, though they suck. I always feel that they are gonna mention some minute detail, and I get angry cuz i don't know what they are talking about. The episode is pointless, just go to where Ishida "probably" disobeys his father's orders and joins Ichigo again or when Chad gets new awsome powers and helps Ichigo or when Inoue trains with the giant fat guy to master her powers or skip to when Ichigo finally gets his Hollow mask transformation down.