Season 8 Episode 5

Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Amusing? Funny? No wai!

    Pesche is exactly the kind of comic relief that we need to see more of in Bleach. Usually I'm annoyed at Bleach's sorry excuse for slice of life, but not here. It was obscene, out of this world, and just hilarious. Really kicked the episode off well when Pesche assumed Ishida loved him because he remembered his full name. Great sight to see that there's actual traces of humour tactics in this episode. The entire episode was just littered with scenes like those. And it's not like it completely ignored the serious parts; the fight was still being developed, nicely too, but it's the comedy relief that will ultimately win you over.
  • It's a funny episode a bout Pesche and Uryuu's fight against an Arrancar ex-Espada...

    I would have expected it to be bland , but the way the episode was made was very humorous and I actually found it to be funny.I really liked this one.The "Infinity Slick" was an interesting ability and seeing the Zeele Shnider in the anime was awesome and makes me expect a lot from the next episode as it was a great chapter in the manga.Also I hope we see some of Sado's battle in the next episode as it's a very important one for the series.
    Overall this episode was one that's worth watching and just seeing Pesche's antics and Uryuu's Ginrei Kojaku.
  • Ishida and Pesche unite to fight a common foe, as Pesche continues his qwest to find Nel and "Itysgo."

    Recently I have been pleased with the direction taken by the Bleach series. Up until now the story has focused on the characters quest to infiltrate Huceo Mundo which at one point was enough to make me consider no longer watching the series, however Bleach has always managed to find a way to draw me in and this latest episode along with the previous two is an example of that. Watching this episode I was pleased with the combination of comic relief and action, though the comic relief tends to gear towards toilet humor at times its still not enough to detract from the funny moments that ensue throughout the episode. Pesche quest to see up the Arancars skirt as well as his inablity to read between the lines are just a few of many humerous anicdotes you'll find throughout the episode. The fighting is also intresting, and to me its impressive to see how far Ishida has come as both a character and a fighter. THe fight itself is good, though I expect there will be more emotionally charged fights to come in future episodes, which should make for great viewing.
  • Ishida and Pesche start fighting an arracar.

    Ishida and Pesche are fighting an arracar and the two just make fun of her and thereselves which makes her mad and causing her to realesed her yo-yo and now the two are in trouble espicially Ishida cause he has to protect Pesche the skinny Hollow so he gets rid of Pesche so he can use his new attack which is a lightsaber.
    The episode fight was mainly based on humor it was funny but they cut off most of the action the action in this episode was mainly Ishida shooting arrows and the arrancars blade attack they could have attack using something different i only saw them use only four attacks from Isdhida, two from arracar and one from Pesche.
    Overall it was an average episode with alot of humor.
  • Ishida gets some help from Pessche while fighting.

    This episode wasn't really superbad, but it was just that nothing really happened. They just kept running around avoiding that weapon of the arrancar and later after she had released her blades but that was almost it.

    It had it funny moments, especially when Ishida says to use his infinite slick and the entire conversation that follows with Pessche but that was about it. I really had expected nothing else when i saw the title off this episode but it just a little stupid that we have to wait another week before the story really moves on.

    In at least something is revealed, Ishida looks to have some kind of sword to, that is somewhat more powerful than his bow it seems. Well again waiting 1 week, i'm getting used to it.
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