Season 3 Episode 3

Ishida, Ultimate Power!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 09, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ishida joins Ichigo in successfully defeating a captain.

    This marks the second episode in a row where Ishida is once again the main character and outside of the opening and ending credits, Ichigo has yet to be shown. It was a good episode because the main thing that I've loved about Bleach is its concentration on major battles involving side characters, like Ishida. This battle was exciting to the end, although a DEM was used when he got all of that energy to fire off powerful shots, but it's always interesting to see a battle where one fighter uses a bow and arrow and actually make it exciting. I could have cared less about his flashbacks though.
  • can't beleve it

    Uryuu was going to die and, i now under stand, He decides that he cannot defeat Kurotsuchi in his current state. that is why. the Kurotshuchi Mayuri guy kinda scars me. don't get me wrong it's a great ep but Uryuu could have ran. stoupd prid. oh well. this ep marks the first ban-ki relested. after Kurotsuchi kills himself and turns into goop we find out his vis capten is alot nicer than alot of them. She urges Ishida to drink the antidote to a posin that the ban ki giefs of. he loses to someone at the end. 8.5
  • Uryu and Mayuri continue their fight

    Uryu uses an ancient Quincey power to allow himself control over his immobile left arm, and Kurotsuchi decides to take him in as a research subject. However, Uryu won't let him do that, so he breaks his glove to give himself a massive amount of power which begins to break down the nearby structures, but Mayuri activates his Bankai and a giant caterpillar with a doll's face appears. He quickly has his Bankai poison him hoping to bring an end to Uryu who is still collecting power for next attack, but Uryu manages to gather plenty of energy and fires a really powerful shot that not only defeats Mayuri's Bankai, but also just about kills Kurotsuchi himself, only to reveal that Mayuri had a back-up plan. He stabs himself with his zanpaktou to transform himself into a green liquid and oozes off to start rebuilding his body, while Uryu sits Nemu up and gets an antidote to the poison, which he drinks and then he runs off. But he doesn't get far as his broken glove begins to take effect on him, as well as he meets up with Captain Tosen who immediately activates his shikai, and leaving us to wonder whats gonna happen to Uryu Ishida.
  • Awesome Episode! I love this One! I never Write a real Summary. Sorry. This Ep. shows that Mayuri is a COWARD & that Ishida does have some actual power! Wow,who would've thought Mr.Handycrafts had some awesome skills! Finally!

    I loved this one mainly because it had lots of Blood & Gore!
    Seeing Mayuri Get his A** kicked by Ishida was exciting. I wish Ishida's shot would have hit him in the head & Mayuri would've died like the bastard he is! Great Episode! One of the Top Episodes so far. I can believe he ran away like a coward! Just seems like he would! Can't wait for Ep.45!
    A whole nother week of waiting! Oh well I have to fill in so I'll just say: I love Bleach,I love Bleach, I love Bleach,I cant Express how much I love Bleach!
  • bleach 44

    i really liked this episode. since watching the previous episode (episode 43) i wanted to witness the conclusion of the fight between ishida and (insert name here cause i forget the name of the captain). they both seemed to be on the same level of strength. personally, ishida is one of me favorite characters because it seems that he has the potential of being one of the strongest in the show. it was really exciting for me to be able to see his true strength. I also enjoyed viewing the first bankai released in teh show (and seeing ishida take it out with one shot). Overall, this episode is one of my very favorites.
  • Ishida and Mayuri are fighting, yet to damage Mayuri, Ishida has to take a big risk...

    Ishida and Mayuri are fighting against each other however, at the beginning of the epsiode, it shows you a recap of Ishida seeing the picture of his Sensei. We then learn the mystery behind the glove and Ishida has to disobey his Sensei by taking off his glove which was a bad thing to do. Mayuri sends out his Bankai and Ishida defeats it using his immeausurable power. He really hurts Mayuri yet Mayuri turns into a liquid form and escapes. Mayuri's assistant gives Ishida some antidote for his poisoned limbs. He takes it, and is off to rescue Rukia when he meets another bad guy. Will Ishida save Rukia?
  • Ishida loses his Quincy powers to save Orihime.

    I loved the episode so much! It was exciting and abnormally intense! I loved the fight between Mayuri and Ishida probably more than most of the fights Ichigo gets into.
    I thought Mayuri's bankai wasn't all that great, for that matter, threatening. Maybe if you saw it for real, sure, it could look creepy, but I really don't see how anyone couild be intimidated by a big caterpillar-like baby. It's harmful in the way that it releases poisonous fumes. It's kind of a waste of learning bankai, seeing as how Mayuri's shikai does the same thing. Maybe we didn't get to see all of what his bankai could do, but I thought it was pointless.
    In conclusion, I loved that Ishida would lose his powers to see Orihime safe. It was pretty cool too, right before he lost them. Ishida got that really awesome bow! It was huge!
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